Anne Herbert


    Bradley Hall 397
    (309) 677-3306


Doctoral Studies, Northwestern University and Illinois State University
M.A., English, Northwestern University
B.A., English, Bradley University


Anne Herbert, lecturer in English, earned her B.A. from Bradley University,  her M.A. from Northwestern University, specializing in British Victorian Studies and Postcolonial Literatures, and has completed doctoral courses in English at Northwestern University and in English Studies at Illinois State University.   

Ms. Herbert joined the Department of English at Bradley University in 1995, and during her early teaching assignments,  was actively involved in research focused on racial and gender issues in British Victorian Drama, particularly nineteenth-century theatrical productions, such as British minstrelsy, music hall, and pantomime.  Ms. Herbert’s research activities in the British Library in London and the Bodleian Library in Oxford focused on pamphlets and polemical literature distributed by the British Anti-Slavery Society and other abolitionist organizations during the period surrounding the American Civil War.  

Since 1998, Ms. Herbert has taught Eng 300 (Travel Writing) in the BU Study Abroad Program (London and Dublin).


  • English 301, Advanced Composition/Argumentative Writing  (On line (Sakai)  and in Second Life )
  • English 300, Advanced Composition/Travel Writing (January and May Interims in London and Dublin)
  • English 129, Introduction to African American Literature
  • Civ 111-112 (Unified Western Civilization and First-year Composition – Honors Program)



  • Teaching with Technology
  • Virtual World Pedagogy ( Second Life)
  • Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality / Virtual World Identities

African American Literature: 

  • Approaches to Teaching African American Literature
  • Black Classicism



  • Midwest Modern Language Association (M/MLA) – annual participation)
  • Chair/Coordinator/Discussant
  • Permanent Section Sessions:  American Literature I:  Literature Before 1870
  • Permanent Section Sessions:  African American Literature


  • Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Faculty Advisor