Undergraduate Research and Artistry


The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides opportunities for all students to design and conduct research and creative projects. You can join lab teams or you can work independently. Projects can last a semester or continue year-round. All research is mentored by full-time faculty who are invested in your success.

Research and artistry experiences include:

  • Working as a member of a research team
  • Class labs
  • Analytical writing with a mentor
  • Creative writing
  • Developing successful grant applications
  • Senior capstones and theses
  • Research internships with community partners
  • Honors projects
  • Undergraduate Summer Research and Artistry Fellowship — Receive $4,500 and be paired with a full-time faculty mentor to support summer effort on a senior thesis or capstone.
  • Sherry Endowment Fund Research Fellowship Program — This endowment encourages student/faculty collaborations in LAS programs by meeting student financial needs associated with those collaborations.


  • Mentoring — By working closely with faculty, you gain valuable insights into research and guidance for your professional hopes.
  • Strong research portfolio — You can complete numerous projects by the time you graduate. This prepares you for future academic studies and research-based careers.
  • Not just for upperclass students — You’re introduced to labs and basic research tools early so that you get a head-start in joining lab teams. If you’re interested in humanities, you also have opportunities for early involvement in research and creative production.

The mentorship relationship helps you with your research project, but also allows you to grow as a person. My mentor (Dr. Scott) assisted me with narrowing the scope of my research and determining the research question that I wanted to explore.

Samantha Lechowicz

Double Major in Psychology and English, minor in Women's and Gender Studies

To be a great athlete, you have to practice and sweat a lot. This is like that, where I’m gaining skills and muscle...

Kaydra Bui

Studying Social Media

“We all like to have useful skills and find ways to use our hidden talents...

Michael Molter

Medical Research in Biochemistry

I want people to feel something. Because we experience our bodies on our own, I like to make paintings that connect in ways that nothing else can.

Allison Walsh

Philosophy and Spanish Inspire Artwork