Television Arts

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts or analyzing films? Have an interest in working with sound and moving images? Want to pursue a career in media promotion and production? If these questions grab your attention, majoring in television arts is one way to start.

Preparing You For Success

If you choose television arts, you practice the major immediately. Early classes teach you techniques of media storytelling and how to use the latest technology to design and edit quality sound and video in the John C. Hench Production Studio. You then move into field production or help produce Bradley’s live weekly newscast. These experiences add up to a digital portfolio that will launch your career.

By the time you graduate, your experiences may include:

  • Hands-on media production experience with campus media such as BUTV News, the Bradley Scout, NPR affiliate WCBU and ESPN/BravesVision
  • Networking and professional development through participation in the Hollywood Semester, an opportunity to live, study and intern with media organizations in Los Angeles
  • Internships with organizations such as the Sierra Club, NBC’s Olympics, WGN, Warner Brothers and Bunim-Murray Productions

Making Your Mark

Television arts majors often pursue careers in media production and promotion. Recent Bradley graduates work as marketing coordinators and producers for media organizations and as production assistants, editors and directors with companies such as Habitat for Humanity, Cumulus, the NFL, CBS’s Big Brother and the Screen Actors Guild.

Major Requirements

Core Requirements - 9 hrs.

  • COM 101: Survey of Communication - 3 hrs.
  • COM 300: Communication Theory - 3 hrs.
  • COM 417: Issues and Perspectives in Communication - 3 hrs.

Required Courses - 18 hrs.

  • COM 201: Journalistic Writing – 3 hrs.
  • COM 203: Introduction to Electronic Media - 3 hrs.
  • COM 204: Audio Production - 3 hrs.
  • COM 314: Introduction to Video: Studio Production - 3 hrs.
  • COM 335: Introduction to Video: Field Production - 3 hrs.
  • COM 400: Communications Research - 3 hrs.

Elective Courses - 12 hrs.

Students select 12 hours from the following list of electives. (No more than 3 hours of COM 495 may count toward the major)

  • COM 292: Organizational Communication - 3 hrs.
  • COM 330: Communication Law and Ethics - 3 hrs.
  • COM 414: Advanced Studio Production - 3 hrs.
  • COM 415: Global Media System - 3 hrs.
  • COM 420: Media Sales - 3 hrs.
  • COM 430: Media Management - 3 hrs.
  • COM 435: Advanced Field Production - 3 hrs.
  • COM 445: Nonlinear Post Production - 3 hrs.
  • COM 450: Electronic Media Programming and Promotion - 3 hrs.
  • COM 495: Communication Internship - 3 hrs.

Total Hours - 39