Job Outlook

Earnings, Employment Projection Data up to 2026, Nature of the Work, Qualifications, and Job Outlook of professions in CS and CIS areas.

Please visit the Web site of the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics for detailed information regarding earnings, employment projections and outlooks, nature of the work, qualifications and advancements, and job outlooks of various professions in computer science and computer information systems areas, including:

Recent Employment

Recent CS and IS graduates have been employed by Microsoft Corporation, Harris Corporation, Caterpillar Inc., Accenture, Epic Systems Corporation, Hewitt Associates, American PC Solutions, AmDocs, Country Financial, General Electric, ProducePro, CGN Global and Illinois Mutual Life Insurance.


Bradley CS and IS students are given numerous opportunities to intern at many companies in the technology field, including: Discover Financial Services, Caterpillar Inc., Vansco Electronics, S&S Computer Systems, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, CGN Global, Illinois Mutual Life Insurance, SVI Systems, ProducePro, AmDocs, Country Financial, Caterpillar Inc., Walgreens and Infogenic Systems. For detailed information, please visit the Smith Career Center or contact the center’s personnel at (309) 677-3036.