CS/CIS Concentration In Data Science

The graduate CS/CIS concentration in data science enhances your understanding of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining and distributed and noSQL databases.

Preparing You For Success

The concentration in data science is available for both computer science and computer information systems degrees. It gives you a background in advanced tools and analytical skills valuable to design, build supervised and unsupervised learning models and analyze data.

Making your Mark

Data science skills are in high demand in almost all settings, business, finance, banking, the medical field, industry, manufacturing and engineering environments. Recent graduates are working at Belcan Corp., CGN Global, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and Pearson Education.

Concentration Requirements

Required Courses - 6 hrs.

  • CS 560: Fundamentals of Data Science - 3 hrs.
  • CS 563: Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining - 3 hrs.


Take one course out of the following:

  • CS 561: Artificial Intelligence - 3 hrs.
  • CS 562: Machine Learning - 3 hrs.
  • CS 572: Distributed Databases and Big Data - 3 hrs.