Test Requirements

Teacher Education

All candidates seeking a Professional Educator License (PEL) are required to take a minimum of two assessments. The first assessment is a Content Area Test (CAT) appropriate to the candidate's teaching field. The CAT will also need to be passed prior to student teaching. Listed below are the appropriate Content Area Tests for the respective teacher education programs:

ProgramTest CodeContent Area Test
Early Childhood (Birth through Grade 2)
(w/ESL Endorsement)
206 Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education (Grades 1-6)
(w/ESL Endorsement)
305 Elementary (Grades 1-6)
Family and Consumer Sciences (Grades 6-12) 217 Family and Consumer Sciences
High School Education
Biology (Grades 9-12)
239 Science: Biology
High School Education
Chemistry (Grades 9-12)
240 Science: Chemistry
High School Education
English (Grades 9-12)
207 English Language Arts
High School Education
History/Social Sciences (Grades 9-12)
246 Social Science: History
High School Education
Mathematics (Grades 9-12)
208 Mathematics
High School Education
Physics (Grades 9-12)
243 Science: Physics
Middle School Education
(English/Language Arts w/ESL Endorsement)
201 Middle Grades (5-8) Language Arts
Middle School Education
(Mathematics w/ESL Endorsement)
202 Middle Grades (5-8) Mathematics
Middle School Education
(Science w/ESL Endorsement)
203 Middle Grades (5-8) Science
Middle School Education
(Social Science w/ESL Endorsement)
204 Middle Grades (5-8) Social Science
Special Education
(Learning Behavior Specialist I w/ESL Endorsement)
155/163 Learning Behavior Specialist I (155)
Special Education General Curriculum Test (163)
K-12 Art Education 214 Visual Arts
K-12 Music Education 212 Music

The second assessment is the edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment), which is completed during student teaching.

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