The cybersecurity degree is a 30 credit-hour program that prepares you to maximize the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and systems.

Taking Your Future Forward

What makes Bradley a safe bet? Built to prepare you for a variety of cybersecurity positions across all industries, you’ll emerge positioned for a first job as a cybersecurity specialist, information security analyst, information technology auditor, systems administrator or junior penetration tester. Of course, successful outcomes are to be expected when your experiences include professional development and networking through the Bradley Information Technology Students student organization, developing hacking skills through the Bradley Cybersecurity Club and performing penetration testing at a local business as part of the Bradley Red Team.

The cybersecurity major differs from the MIS concentration in cybersecurity in that it has a deeper focus on developing technical knowledge, skills, and abilities in specialties like digital forensics and cryptography. The major also allows students to explore career opportunities by highlighting the wide range of roles within the cybersecurity field, such as networking, penetration testing, and security awareness training.


Required Courses - 30 hrs.

  • CS 141: Introduction to Python - 3 hrs.
  • CIS 230: Introduction to Computer Forensics - 3 hrs.
  • CIS 330: Advanced Computer Forensics - 3 hrs.
  • CIS 415: Applied Cryptography - 3 hrs.
  • MIS 272: Business Analytics Software and Applications I - 3 hrs.
  • MIS 373: Applied Networking - 3 hrs.
  • MIS 374: Database Management and Administration - 3 hrs.
  • MIS 375: Business Systems Analysis & Design - 3 hrs.
  • MIS 379: Information Systems Security - 3 hrs.
  • MIS 483: Advanced Ethical Hacking - 3 hrs.

Students must also complete the Foster College's business core.