Game Art (BA/BS)

Game Art is a fast-growing industry where you take your passion for art and create stunning visuals for digital real-time environments like video games, movies, architectural visualization and more. Game Art covers a wide spectrum of visual aspects, including concept art, asset creation, environment art, character art and animation.

Preparing You for Success

As a game art student, you’ll learn to create optimized 3D content for videogames. Your classes will develop your artistic, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, the kind you’ll need to be successful in your professional career as a game artist. Industry-experienced faculty will guide you through crafting a professional portfolio, and you’ll be in close collaboration with students and faculty in our top-ranked game design program.

By the time you graduate, your experience may include:

  • Hands-on learning with industry-standard software packages
  • Personal and professional growth through game jams and other competitions
  • An internship at a distinguished company working in game art or real-time visualization
  • Opportunities to show your digital artwork to the public at the annual FUSE exhibit

Making Your Mark

The artistic eye and technical skills needed to be a game art professional are in high demand — not only for the video game industry but in any profession that uses visuals in a real-time environment. As a game artist, you’ll have the satisfaction of creating the characters, objects and scenery to build new worlds.

BA/BS Major Requirements

Required Courses - 56 hrs.

  • IM 110: Introduction to Game Development - 3 hrs.
    or IM 140 Introduction to Animation - 3 hrs.
  • ART 101: Drawing 1 - 3 hrs.
  • ART 102: Drawing 2 - 3 hrs.
  • IM 130: Game Art Fundamentals - 3 hrs.
  • IM 150: Fundamentals of Interactive Design - 3 hrs.
  • IM 226: Practicum - 4 hrs.
  • IM 233: 2D for Game Art - 3 hrs.
  • IM 230: Game Art Development - 3 hrs.
  • IM 235: Environment Art - 3 hrs.
  • IM 333: Character Art - 3 hrs.
  • IM 335: Advanced Game Art - 3 hrs.
  • IM 355: Interactive Media Theories, Concepts, and Practices - 3 hrs.
  • IM 389: Game Production II - 3 hrs.
  • IM 426: Practicum – 4 hrs.
  • IM 450: Critical Issues in Interactive Media - 3 hrs.
  • IM 459: Game Capstone Project I - 3 hrs.
  • IM 489: Game Capstone Project II - 6 hrs.
  • Student Work

    Amanda Lardner's Sword and Shield

    Amanda Lardner
    Sword and Shield
    Game Res Prop Project

    Gregory Herron's Snowy Night

    Gregory Herron
    Snowy Night
    Game Res Prop Project

    Keelan Rodgers' 2D and 3D Figure Sculpt Study

    Keelan Rodgers
    2D and 3D Figure Sculpt Study