Music Major and Minor Audition FAQs

Do I need to be accepted to Bradley before signing up for an audition?

No, you can sign up for an audition at any time.

Is this audition the same as the audition for ensembles?

No, ensemble auditions are held in the first week of classes in the fall.

Do I need to be a music major to qualify for a music scholarship?

You need to be a music major to qualify for a talend-based scholarship. However, we also offer small scholarships for participation in ensembles.

I do not have an accompanist. Will that affect my scholarship offer?

No, auditioning without an accompanist will not affect your acceptance or scholarship.

How soon will I hear about my audition time?

Your audition time will be scheduled and you will receive confirmation within a week of submitting your audition form.

How long after the audition does it take to hear about acceptance and scholarships?

If you have been accepted to Bradley University, you will hear from the Department of Music within two weeks.