Foster College of Business

Vision Statement

To be the standard for engagement, innovation, and impact in business higher education.

Mission Statement

Through close interaction and experiential learning, we empower individuals and organizations to achieve great outcomes.

Our Values

In everything we do, we value integrity, hard work, innovation, collaboration, impact, growth, diversity, and risk taking.

Distinctive Competencies

Faculty who are scholar/educators, utilization of experiential learning, expertise in providing business acumen to technical professionals.


In support of our mission, vision, and values, the Foster College of Business is proud to offer the following graduate programs:

  1. MBA program with concentrations in finance and management
  2. Theresa S. Falcon Executive MBA in leadership
  3. Master of Science in Accounting along with an Accounting 3-2 Program
  4. Graduate Certificate in Management


Matthew O'Brien
Interim Dean

Jennifer Robin,
Interim Associate Dean

Mollie Adams, 
Academic Director, Master of Science in Accounting Program

Laurence Weinzimmer,
Academic Director, Theresa S. Falcon Executive MBA Program

Mark Brown,
Academic Director, Master of Business Administration Program