LAS Supportive Courses

MTH 501 - Topics in Applied Mathematics I (3 hours)
Theory, applications, and algorithms for basic problems of modern applied mathematics. Symmetric linear systems, minimum principles, equilibrium equations, calculus of variations, orthogonal expansions, and complex variables. Prerequisite: MTH 224 or 345.

MTH 502 - Topics in Applied Mathematics II (3 hours)
Continuation of MTH 501. Selected numerical algorithms: Fast Fourier transform, initial value problems, stability, z-transforms, and linear programming. Prerequisite: MTH 501 or consent of instructor.

MTH 510 - Numerical Methods I (3 hours)
Introduction to numerical and computational aspects of various mathematical topics: finite precision, solutions of non-linear equations, interpolation, approximation, linear systems of equations, and integration. Cross listed as CS 510. Prerequisite: CS 101; MTH 207 and 223.

MTH 511 - Numerical Methods II (3 hours)
Continuation of CS/MTH 510: further techniques of integration, ordinary differential equations, numerical linear algebra, nonlinear systems of equations, boundary value problems, and optimization. Cross listed as CS 511. Prerequisite: MTH 224 or 345; CS/MTH 510.

MTH 514 - Partial Differential Equations (3 hours)
Fourier series and applications to solutions of partial differential equations. Separation of variables, eigenfunction expansions, Bessel functions, Green's functions, Fourier and Laplace transforms. Prerequisite: MTH 224 or 345.