For fillable forms listed, please download the form to your computer and fill it out using Adobe or a similar PDF program then save the completed form as a PDF and email it to Some internet browsers may not save the data you enter if you fill the form out in the browser.

Prospective Student and Application

  • Free Application For Federal Student Aid
    Graduate students who are U.S. citizens, permanent residents or asylees may apply for federal student aid. Federal student aid is not applicable for international students or those on temporary visas.
  • Employer Verification Form - Professional Educators Scholarship
    Qualified applicants, including full-time school district employees, may apply by checking the appropriate box on the Application for Graduate School Admission and submitting the Employer Verification Form.
  • Employer Verification Form - Employee Development Scholarship
    Full-time employees of participating companies should complete the employer information in the Financial Assistance section of the Application for Graduate School Admission and are required to submit the Employer Verification Form.
  • Graduate Assistantship Application
    Graduate assistantships provide an opportunity for students to work with faculty or staff, generally in their chosen field. Assistantships are very competitive, but for students who excel in their field of study, they can be an excellent way to gain experience while financing an education.
  • Affidavit of Support
    Use this form if you will need an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility in order to apply for an F-1 visa to attend Bradley. The form (including required attachments) should be submitted to your Application State Page.

Graduate Programs and Graduation

  • Graduate Program of Study
    The student and the graduate program coordinator/advisor must complete this form prior to the time when the student has completed 12 semester hours in their program.
  • Request to Change Graduate Program of Study
    Completed by those who make changes in their Program of Study. The original form should be returned to the Graduate School. Copies of the form should be retained by the student and the graduate program coordinator. Please note: If you have only changed the term in which you plan to take a course that was previously listed on your program of study, you do not need to file a Request to Change Graduate Program of Study with the Graduate School. If you are adding or substituting a course from your program of study you must file a Request to Change Graduate Program of Study.
  • Request to Change Graduate Programs
    Students who are currently enrolled in a program may apply for a Change of Program. A student wishing to change his or her program must complete a Change of Program form and submit it to the Graduate School a minimum of two weeks prior to the semester in which they wish to start their new program. Additional supporting materials or test scores may be required at the discretion of the Graduate School and the department for the Change of Program to be approved. Admission to a degree program does not guarantee a Change of Program will be approved. This form should be completed by the student and returned to the Graduate School.
  • Graduate Concentration Completion Form
    Students who will complete the required courses for a concentration within their program must complete the Graduate Concentration Completion Form, obtain their Graduate Coordinator's signature, and submit the form to the Graduate School. Students cannot apply for concentration completion online at this time.
  • Request to Transfer Graduate Credit to Bradley
    Request to accept other university graduate course work toward a Bradley master's degree.
  • Graduate Application for Graduation
    Students who will complete their course of study and wish to graduate must complete the Graduate Application for Graduation.
  • Application for Certificate Completion
    Students who will complete the required course of study for a certificate must complete the Application for Certificate Completion and submit it to the Graduate School. Students cannot apply for certificate completion online at this time.

Conditional Status and Reinstatement

  • IN/IP Contract Form
    This form must be completed whenever an IN or IP is assigned by the instructor. The IN/IP Contract Form should originate with the instructor and be signed by the instructor, student, and Graduate Coordinator before being forwarded to The Graduate School.
  • Leave of Absence (Step-out)
    Students in good standing, both academically and judicially, who wish to take a voluntary leave from Bradley University for a period of up to twelve consecutive months, may request a Leave of Absence (Step Out) by petitioning the Dean of the college of their major/program. This request must be approved before the beginning of the term in which the leave of absence begins.
  • Petition for Reinstatement to Graduate Study
    Request for reinstatement after dismissal.

Additional Forms

  • Request for Review of Graduate Financial Assistance
    Students who do not receive financial assistance upon their admission may apply for reconsideration after completing 6 hours of graduate level coursework at Bradley University with a minimum 3.25/4.0 cumulative GPA. Students may not request an increase if a scholarship has already been awarded. The Graduate Excellence Scholarship is awarded only upon admission, not upon reconsideration.
  • Request Graduate Credit as a Senior
    Seniors who are within 6 semester hours of graduation, or are registering for the semester during which they complete their bachelor's degree requirements may register for a 500 level course for graduate credit provided they also have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or greater. They must also have the approval of 1) their undergraduate advisor, 2) the instructor of the course, 3) the graduate program director/coordinator or the department chairperson of the program/department offering the course. The student may not take more than 9 semester hours of courses for graduate credit while registering as a senior.
  • GRD 650 or GRD 699 Registration Request
    Students who need to be registered for GRD 650 or GRD 699 continuous registration zero-hour courses, must complete the GRD 650 or GRD 699 Registration Request, obtain the signature of their program's Graduate Coordinator, and submit the form to the Graduate School. Students will be billed a $100 fee for this course.
  • Caterpillar Masters Fellowship Application
    Caterpillar Masters Fellowships are awarded to outstanding students who have demonstrated superior academic achievement and are committed to research and creative production. Students must be full-time, and are expected to complete a research project in their area of interest within two years.
  • Apply for Readmission to a graduate degree program
    Students who have previously been admitted to a Bradley graduate degree program and completed graduate classes at Bradley, should complete this simplified application for readmission.