Policy for Student Groups Setting up Tables in the Library

The Cullom-Davis Library aims to provide not only resources but also a place for students and faculty of Bradley University to do research and study. Because we are a primary socializing place on campus, groups like to set up tables in the building. They wish to sell things for fund raising activities and/or for charity. Sometimes the tables are set up just to spread information about a group or a cause.


The library supports the numerous groups on campus in their efforts to meet other students and allows for tables to be set up in the library. There are some guidelines which they must follow (below).


  • Pre-approval of tables is done in the library office or at the Check Out desk.
  • The group must check-in at the library office or the Check Out desk before setting up.
  • Library personnel will set up the table for use.
  • Unless given special permission, tables will only be set up on the main floor in the Atrium area.
  • Tables that get too disruptive may be asked to leave.
  • Tables will never be set up in quiet spaces, i.e. the basement.
  • Groups from off-campus are not allowed to set up tables in the library, unless they are connected to an on-campus group.