Library Instruction

Librarians can instruct students in strategies for finding, evaluating, and using the most appropriate information sources for their coursework.

Interested in incorporating degreed librarians for your courses? Contact your subject librarian or Instruction and Outreach Librarian Jennifer Stubbs.

Topics can include:

  • Moving beyond Google
  • Evaluating Wikipedia and its place in research
  • Evaluating the relevance and reliability of information critically
  • Managing and citing information sources
  • Locating research; the information-seeking process
  • Maximizing discipline-specific research tools
  • Finding specific kinds of information: books, articles, images, professional information, etc.


  • Email sprints (hosted in Canvas by inviting a librarian)
  • Visit the library as a class for one or multiple class sessions
  • Consult librarians outside of class time
  • Embed a librarian in your Canvas course to troubleshoot research questions
  • Explore videos, tutorials, exercises, and other asynchronous tools for learning
  • Collaborate with a librarian to design research assignments
  • Combinations or variations of the above welcome!

Contact Information

Jennifer Stubbs

Jennifer Stubbs

Instruction and Outreach Librarian

    Library 101
    (309) 677-2841