Room Reservations

To reserve a study room in the library, go to Library Room Reservations.

When you arrive for your room reservation, stop at the check-out desk to sign out the key.

Guidelines for study room reservations:

  • A maximum of four (4) people can be accommodated in each study room.
  • You can have up to four hours (240 minutes) per reservation, with a maximum of one (1) reservation each day.
  • Your reservation can be extended at the checkout desk if the room is still available.
  • You may reserve a room up to seven (7) days in advance.
  • You can make a total of seven (7) reservations per week.
  • Room Reservations will be held for 15 minutes after the start time. If there is demand for rooms, unclaimed reservations will be canceled after 15 minutes.
  • Study room reservations are for Bradley University students, faculty and staff.

Groups of Bradley students wishing to use larger rooms 121, the Wyckoff Room, and 215 may reserve them by asking at the checkout desk OR using the Meeting Room Category in the Room Booking page.

Bradley Faculty wishing to reserve larger rooms for group functions or meetings may call the library office at 309-677-2850 to make a reservation.