Marketing Courses

MTG 150 - Marketing in A Dynamic World (1.5 hours)
Introduction to various marketing careers as they relate to key issues in marketing; new product development, advertising, customer service, marketing research, public relations, distribution/logistics, professional selling and retail management. An emphasis is placed on experimental learning and the development of presentational, team building, and other marketing-related skills. Prerequisite: freshmen or sophomore standing only; or consent of department chair.

MTG 188 - Exploring the Supply Chain (1.5 hours)
Students develop a broad understanding of the contribution that supply chains make to global business practice. The course includes first-hand observation of supply chain activities, instruction in supply chain concepts, and exploration of potential jobs and careers in supply chain management.

MTG 205 - Marketing Presentations (1.5 hours)
Conducting background research, developing an effective marketing presentation, exposure to presentation software packages, and making oral marketing presentations; sales presentations, background information on specific companies, competitive analysis, target market presentations, presentation of a marketing plan. Prerequisite: COM 103; marketing majors only; sophomore or junior standing only; or consent of department chair.

MTG 304 - Professional Selling (3 hours)
Selling-buying process. Selling strategies from the perspective of a professional customer problem-solving approach. Practical exposure to selling concepts, problems, and techniques in a variety of selling situations. Prerequisite: 42 credit hours.

MTG 315 - Principles of Marketing (3 hours)
Elements of a comprehensive marketing plan and their interrelationships. Determination of product, pricing, promotion, and channel strategy: analysis, planning, and control of marketing strategy in a socially and ethically responsible manner. Emphasis on improving decision making in a dynamic external environment. Prerequisite: Junior standing or 42 credit hours and Foster College of Business major

MTG 330 - Financial Services Marketing (3 hours)
Examination of the increasing use of marketing techniques in the financial services industry and the changing environment of financial services. Course is structured around the core marketing principles of buyer behavior, segmentation, product development, distribution, pricing, and promotion, as well as topics such as relationship marketing, customer loyalty, and technological developments. Designed for students with an interest in banking, insurance, securities, and other financial services industries. Cross-listed with FIN 330. Prerequisite: FIN 322, MTG 315.

MTG 341 - Marketing Research I (3 hours)
Systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of data related to marketing of goods and services. Choice of research design, methods of data collection, survey sampling, analysis and interpretation of data, and preparing the research report. Prerequisite: QM 262 or consent of department chair; MTG 315.

MTG 346 - International Marketing (3 hours)
Marketing decisions, strategies, and operations of companies in international business. Elements of an integrated global marketing program. Foreign market potential analysis; alternative entry and expansion strategies; standardization vs. adaptation of product and promotion strategies; pricing, distribution, and sourcing strategies in global operations. Prerequisite: MTG 315. A student may not receive credit for both MTG 346 and IB 407 and 408.

MTG 350 - Consumer Behavior (3 hours)
Behavioral science concepts applicable to the understanding of consumer decision making: personality, perception, and group and cultural influences. How these concepts can be used to develop more effective marketing strategies. Prerequisite: MTG 315.

MTG 355 - Sports Marketing (3 hours)
Survey course designed to acquaint students with the specific application of marketing concepts in the field of collegiate and professional sports. Students will learn what sports marketing is, what it is intended to do, and what is involved in creating and implementing an effective sports marketing program. By the end of the course, students will understand the various components of sports marketing and how these work in concert with the environmental factors. Prerequisite: MTG 315.

MTG 360 - Product and Price Strategy (3 hours)
Managerial aspects of pricing and product policies and strategies. Methods used and factors considered in developing and updating product line and pricing decisions in industrial and consumer products. Pricing and product line objectives, product planning and evaluation, establishing product line distribution, environmental factors affecting product and pricing strategies, and quantitative aspects of product line and pricing decisions. Prerequisite: QM 262, MTG 315.

MTG 381 - Integrated Marketing Communications (3 hours)
Introduction to advertising and promotions management from an integrated marketing communications perspective. Promotional techniques: advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, publicity/public relations, personal selling, point-of-purchase communications. Techniques explored through the context of planning, developing, and implementing comprehensive promotional campaigns. Regulatory, social, and economic factors that influence the firm's promotional activities. Prerequisite: MTG 315.

MTG 384 - Sales Management (3 hours)
Analysis of sales management and decisions made by the sales force manager. Structure and organization of the sales force; nature of the sales job; selling in marketing theory; selection of sales personnel; sales training program; problems in compensation, supervision, and stimulation of sales personnel; analysis of territories and customers; sales forecasting and quotas; ethical problems in sales management; evaluating sales performance. Prerequisite: MTG 304 or MTG 315.

MTG 388 - Global Supply Chain Management (3 hours)
Examines the theories and practices used to plan, organize, and control exchange relationships in a global context. The approach will go beyond viewing exchange relationships from a strictly physical sense (movement of goods and services) to focus on the interaction between trading partners and how firms are using channel strategies to gain a competitive advantage. Prerequisite: MTG 315

MTG 391 - Social Media Marketing (3 hours)
Explores the game changing nature of social media and its impact on traditional marketing activities. Social media allows customers to interact with each other and the brands that they use on a daily basis in new ways. These advances/changes/disruptions may have profound influences on all marketing activities from product development through promotion. Course includes review of word-of-mouth-marketing and study of tools for shaping marketing activities surrounding emerging media (e.g., social networking sites, wikis, multimedia sharing sites, blogs, and virtual worlds). Prerequisite: MTG 350 and MTG 381

MTG 393 - Retailing (3 hours)
Retailing from the management perspective. Emphasis on retail policies and organization, operation of buying and selling functions, merchandise control, store systems, personnel management, retail accounting, and expense control. Prerequisite: MTG 315.

MTG 394 - Supply Chain Tools and Techniques (3 hours)
Prepares students for work as supply chain professionals by giving them familiarity with the dominant terminology, tools, and approaches used in supply chain management. Cross-listed with M L 394. Prerequisite: MTG 315; BMA 353

MTG 400 - Topics in Marketing (1-6 hours)
Topics of special interest which may vary each time course is offered. Topic stated in current Schedule of Classes. May be repeated, for up to 6 hours credit in nonredundant topics. Prerequisite: MTG 315, junior standing, and consent of department chair.

MTG 404 - Advanced Professional Selling (3 hours)
Advanced study of professional selling techniques focusing upon specific knowledge areas and skills that contribute to competitive advantage, long-term customer relations, and customer satisfaction. Emphasis is placed upon students developing functional sales experiences, both individually and in group settings. Prerequisite: MTG 304.

MTG 405 - Strategic Advertising Cases (3 hours)
In-depth, strategic perspective on advertising management. Students will learn how to manage, facilitate, and direct the advertising function. A special emphasis will be placed on developing advertising strategies. The case method will be used with real-world situations. Prerequisite: MTG 315.

MTG 410 - Services Marketing (3 hours)
In-depth analysis of the issues that face marketers in service organizations such as banks, hospitals, hotels, airlines, and nonprofit institutions. Unique aspects of services marketing strategy development. Prerequisite: MTG 315.

MTG 420 - Business Marketing (3 hours)
Comprehensive examination of nature, structure, and distinguishing characteristics of marketing to and between organizations. Unique aspects of organizational decision-making and buying from the seller's perspective. Exploration of requirements to manage strategy development, interfirm relationships, e-commerce, and innovation processes in firms marketing to organizations. Prerequisite: MTG 315 or consent of department chair.

MTG 441 - Marketing Research II (3 hours)
Students consult an area business on marketing research projects addressing the firm's problem areas. Emphasis on practical use of concepts and tools presented in MTG 341. Prerequisite: MTG 341.

MTG 490 - Managerial Marketing (3 hours)
Systems and information needs of marketing management. Emphasis on integration of tools of information systems with knowledge of marketing in formulating and solving marketing problems. Impact of marketing decisions on key performance measures illustrated by cases, marketing models, and simulation. Prerequisite: MTG 315, 341; senior standing.

MTG 492 - Independent Study Or Research in Marketing (1-3 hours)
Studies or research undertaken by well-qualified, advanced students under the guidance of a faculty member. Prerequisite: consent of department chair.

MTG 493 - Experiential Learning in Professional Sales (1-3 hours)
Advanced marketing or sales student experience in the field of professional selling. Both practical and academic components are included. The practical component will often take the form of an in-depth study of a sales-related topic, an experience in sales with a company, a research project, a sales simulation, or a blend of these or other elements that will be tailored to each individual student's needs. Repeatable up to 3 hours. Prerequisite: Permission of department chair; MTG 304.

MTG 624 - Marketing Decision Making (3 hours)
Marketing management problems, policies, and solutions. Case studies of marketing problems, research, and applications of marketing techniques to business problems.

MTG 640 - Obtaining, Analyzing, and Applying Marketing Information (3 hours)
Gathering, understanding, and using marketing information, data base marketing, qualitative research, electronic research, forecasting, and computer software data analysis packages.

MTG 644 - Professional Selling & Sales Management (3 hours)
Students will study professional selling from the perspective of both the salesperson and the sales manager through readings, class discussion, presentations, and role plays. As a result, students will become familiar with and practiced in the professional sales process as well as further develop their understanding of several universal management functions.

MTG 654 - Managing Services Marketing (3 hours)
In-depth analysis of the problems facing marketing managers in service and nonprofit organizations. Interdependence of marketing, operations, and human resources.

MTG 658 - Topics in Marketing (3 hours)
Topics of special interest which may vary each time the course is offered. Topic stated in current Schedule of Classes.

MTG 660 - Readings in Marketing (1-3 hours)
Individual readings for qualified students, under the guidance of a member of the faculty. Repeatable to a maximum of 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: consent of instructor and director of graduate programs.

MTG 688 - Supply Chain Management (3 hours)
Supply chain management consists of all stages involved in directly or indirectly fulfilling customer requests. This course will examine all aspects of the supply chain i.e., interactions between manufacturers, suppliers, transportation agents, retailers, and customers. Special emphasis is placed on managing flows of information, products, and funds between organizations and throughout the open system.

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