Parent/Supporter/Sibling fees

To attend, each parent/guest/supporter is charged $135. The $135 fee includes three meals—one off campus dinner at a local steakhouse for parents/guests/supporters, breakfast with your student, and a lunch on campus. All families receive one tote bag, folder and materials throughout the program. Students do not pay any additional fees to attend. The funds collected from this program supplement the student program.

Please read through the step-by-step orientation registration process below:

STEP 1: BUnetID and Password Activation

A short 90 second tutorial video is available by clicking here. The orientation registration link will appear on your Bradley Bound Page within 24 hours of activating your BUnetID.

STEP 2: ForeWarn: Emergency text messaging alert system

After your BUnetID and Password are activated, you MUST opt in or out of foreWarn by logging into your MyBradley account using your BUnetID and Password, click/tap onto “Other Resources” on the lower left side of the page or on your phone. Under “Resource Links”, at the top of the page, click/tap onto foreWarn. Please make sure after providing your domestic cell phone number, you click onto the “Update” button. Shortly after, you should receive a test text message from foreWarn. If you don’t please contact the IT Service Desk at (309) 677-2964.

STEP 3: Register for Your Orientation Session

Remember, in order to sign up for a session you may need to wait up to 24 hours after BUnetID and Password activation. Before registering for an orientation session, talk with the up to four guests who can come with you, and discuss the session that works best for everyone.

Once the registration link becomes available in your Bradley Bound Page, we will ask you to select an orientation session. You can make changes in the reservation system, located on your Bradley Bound Page, up to two weeks prior to your assigned session. Within two weeks, you will need to contact the orientation office for any changes.

Please review the remainder of this website for important information on the following:

  • Required math and optional World Language and Cultures assessments (Step 4 below)
  • Bradley’s Health Form which can be turned in during Orientation (Step 5 below)
  • Sample schedules from 2023 at the top of the page.
  • Programmatic Details which has information on orientation roommates, programmatic start and finish times and more.
  • What To Bring for overnight bedding, forms of ID needed and additional information.
  • Hotel Accommodations for parents/guests/supporters, if off campus lodging is preferred

Refund Policy

Meals, staffing and needed materials are ordered in advance. A 72-hour cancellation notice BEFORE the assigned Orientation session begins is required for a refund. No refunds can be issued within 72 hours of your scheduled session.

STEP 4: Accessing Math and World Language Assessments

All students are required to complete their first attempt of the math assessment within one week of their orientation session. Students will have access to the math assessment 24-48 hours after they have registered for an orientation session. Students who studied a foreign language in high school or at another college or university and who wish to continue studying the same language at Bradley University must take a placement test before enrolling in a language course. Click either “Math Assessment” or “World Language Assessment” below to review the full information, which includes where both assessments are located and how to access them. Below are some quick details about both assessments.

Math Assessment

  • All students, even those with AP, Dual or IB credit, are required to take the math assessment.
  • Even if you are taking a math course currently that would boost your score later, you are encouraged to complete the math assessment ASAP. If you are in Calculus now, you should place around the Calculus level. If you don’t, the prep and learning module could not only assist your score at Bradley, but also help you with the course you are taking now!
  • Students are able to retake the math test up to three times
  • The math assessment can be accessed through the Canvas course site Starting Off Fall 2024. Please click on the “Math Assessment” link for instructions on how to access the Canvas course Starting Off.
  • Within 48 hours of registering for a session you will be eligible to take the math assessment starting March 15.

World Language Assessment

  • Bradley currently offers an online language assessment in French, Spanish and Chinese. If you've studied a language before, you cannot enroll in a class without a placement score.
  • While language coursework is required for the Bachelor of Arts degree, and some Bradley majors, not all students are required to complete language coursework.
  • If you are interested in language courses it is best to take them sooner rather than later.
  • Please click on the “World Language Assessment” link above for more information and directions for taking the test.

STEP 5: Student Health Form

Illinois State Law requires that students have a completed health form on file with Health Services. A doctor's physical is not required. Access and download the updated Health Form here. The health form should be completed and returned to Bradley Health Services, or brought with you when you come to campus. For questions on the health form please contact (309) 677-2700 or bradleyhealthservices@bradley.edu