Job Description

The Student Aide position is one which allows a student to make a substantial contribution to the university to entering students and their parents/family members/guests. The position requires that an applicant display exceptional talents especially in creativity, responsibility, commitment and industry. The work of the Student Aide is multi-faceted and ranges from clerical functions to professional level tasks. Above all, the Student Aides must serve as role models displaying the highest level of values and positive behaviors for other students. It is often required that this position role model image be extended beyond "normal working hours."

Specific Responsibilities

Student Aides are under contract for one year beginning in early to mid-March. When hired in the spring semester, Student Aides should expect to spend an average of 5-10 hours per week in committee and staff meetings and putting together various aspects of the summer orientation program. The school year activities extend throughout the entire fall semester August through December with duties concluding in late February or early March. During the non-summer orientation months, Student Aides will be engaged in various projects or tasks such as:

  • EHS 120 - Student Aides are paired with faculty/staff members to teach EHS 120 (The University Experience Course).
  • Academic Majors Fair - An event to help students explore majors and minors by interacting with faculty, staff and alumni.
  • Academic Success Center- Student Aides may spend time assisting students in reading their U-Achieve Degree Audits, providing basic scheduling assistance and facilitating workshops in time-management, study skills and how to be a successful learner.
  • Office for Transfer Student Assistance - Student Aides may spend time assisting transfer students with their entry into Bradley via phone, email and/or Google Meet or Zoom.

During the summer months (training week and when orientation sessions are taking place), Student Aides are basically on call 24-hours a day. Therefore, work during summer orientation requires a significant time commitment. Student Aides are required to be in attendance during the entire orientation period. Absences, short of emergencies, are not possible for any reason (e.g. summer school, vacations or other trips, personal leaves, etc.). As a result, applicants for the position need to evaluate their ability to make such a significant commitment prior to applying for the position. Summer Orientation work hours are long and require a high energy level. The ability to pace oneself and to seek rest during down time is a necessity. However, in consultation with the Director, Student Aides will be allowed to take an online course or two if needed.

Orientation training for Student Aides will begin approximately 5-10 days prior to the first orientation session (First Session will likely be in mid-June). Attendance and participation in all training activities is required.

Student Aides are required to live in the residence hall designated for summer orientation. Housing accommodations and meals are provided by the Orientation Office throughout all sessions. The salary for Student Aides during the fall and spring semesters is a specified hourly rate. The salary during the summer is a stipend which will be provided at a later date. Work-study eligibility is not required.

Administrative Responsibilities

Student Aides are expected to follow and complete program management activities to ensure effective performance and operation of all programs.

  • Attendance is required at all scheduled meetings (staff meetings are usually scheduled on a weekly basis, however, other meetings may be called when necessary).
  • Student Aides work as a team; therefore, it is expected that all Student Aides work on all projects or activities as requested to help fellow Student Aides complete their tasks.
  • All Student Aides must maintain effective communication with the Student Aide Coordinator, the NODA Intern (if applicable), the Director of Orientation and Advisement and the Executive Director of Student Support Services and all others working with the Orientation program.
  • Persons applying for the position of Student Aide must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or higher.
  • Persons holding the position of Student Aide will be expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.75. If grades fall below that level, the Student Aide may be asked to leave his/her position.
  • Student Aides should expect periodic performance evaluations. Limited time is allowed to correct any performance deficiencies. If the performance is not brought to acceptable standards within a reasonable time, the Student Aide will be released. After each completed year every Student Aide will be evaluated by the Director of Orientation in order to determine whether or not he/she is eligible to return the following year.
  • As a Student Aide, you will be expected to represent our office and University in the highest ethical and professional manner. This includes how you are seen and perceived on popular websites and internet chat sessions such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and all other similar forms of social media websites not mentioned here. The Director of Orientation may review your content and images periodically and request you to remove inappropriate images or comments that you have posted. The failure to comply could result in you being asked to leave the team.
  • Student Aides may need to disaffiliate with their fraternity or sorority until the completion of the final summer orientation session. Please consult with the Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life for further clarity here.
  • Miscellaneous and impromptu projects will be assigned as necessary.

For additional information or questions, call the Orientation Office at (309) 677-2420 or email David Trillizio at