Religious Life

Lydia Moss Bradley founded Bradley University as a nonsectarian, private institution and in the charter stipulated for the development of “the principles of morality and right living.” Throughout its history, the University has provided its students opportunities conducive to the development of character, morality and high principles, which are carried out through student organizations representing diverse religions, student activities and programming, and numerous academic programs.

Bradley strives to support the religious beliefs and pursuits of all members of the University community, regardless of their tradition. Questions about religious life at Bradley may be directed to the Student Activities Office.

For a listing of current religious life student organizations please visit B Involved and search Organizations and select the Category of Religious/Spiritual.

Religious Accommodations

Bradley University works to support its students and their religious beliefs. The following policies are meant to accommodate the beliefs of all students.

Religious Holidays and Class Attendance

If a student should have to miss class due to a religious holiday, the student must notify the instructor at least one week prior to the class. During the course of the academic year, there are several religious holidays that students may want to observe. In some cases this will require that they miss class. The faculty is asked to be considerate in dealing with any such absences. If there are questions regarding a particular religious holiday and a student's request, faculty members are asked to contact the Office of the Provost at (309) 677-3152.

Dietary Needs

Dining Services will work with individual students on special dietary needs and schedules menus around major religious holidays. A kosher kitchen is used in Geisert Hall and produces food for various outlets on campus.

Campus and Local Religious Institutions and Services

A compilation of religious services commonly attended by Bradley students. This is not a comprehensive list of prayer and worship opportunities in Peoria. Religious institutions may submit their service times to be included on the list by emailing

Local Religious Institutions and Services