Assignments and Roommates

When you receive a specific room assignment for either semester, you must check into your residence hall by the Tuesday before classes begin to claim that specific assignment.

*The university reserves the right of room assignment and reassignment for the benefit of the individual student or group.

Room Changes

No room changes will be made within the first three weeks of the semester.

If, after this time, a room change needs to be made, changes arise from:

  1. Roommate conflicts - most of the change requests come from roommate conflicts. Please see below to work through that process. It is important to note, moving rooms is a last resort when all other avenues have been exhausted. The absolute first step is to work with your roommate, and then your RA(s).
  2. Semester changes - these moves and roommate switches will need to be worked out through the residence hall staff. They will provide information on the process.
  3. Special accommodations - every attempt will be made to meet certain needs and special accommodations. Such requests need to be provided to the residential living and student conduct office prior to August 1.
  4. The Executive Director of Residential Living and Student Conduct reserves the right to set a specific time for moves to be made.

Roommate Conflicts

Sharing a room with another student can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of the college experience. The opportunity to become close friends with someone new, who has a different background and different ideas, is part of what college is all about. With that being said, sometimes conflicts do arise between roommates. Residential living and student conduct suggests you handle roommate conflicts in the following manner:

  1. Try to work out conflicts with your roommate by using open, face-to-face communication.
  2. If you are unable to resolve the conflict, contact your RA(s) for assistance. They can help mediate between you and your roommate in order to resolve the issue(s). Every effort will be made to resolve roommate conflicts.
  3. If the conflict continues after you and your RA(s) attempt to resolve it, contact your Residence Director. In extreme situations where roommates are unable or unwilling to resolve conflicts, it is the prerogative of the residence director to relocate one or both residents to other available residence hall rooms.


The university reserves the right to inspect rooms and to regulate the use of the premise in accordance with University rules and regulations.

Over breaks, each residence hall room is inspected to ensure that proper procedures have been followed to secure the room and building. If, during this time, the hall staff sees items which should not be present, they will issue judicial referrals to the resident(s). If necessary, they may confiscate items from the resident(s).