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B-Involved Logo

Annual Organization Renewal

Student Organizations are required to renew every year beginning in April. Renewal “season” opens on April 1st and lasts until August 1st. Student Organizations should plan to elect or select new officers in late March or early April to ensure proper transitioning and so new officers can attend BOLT.

Bradley Organization Leader Training (BOLT) is a required workshop for student organization renewal. Two leaders from every student organization should plan to attend one of the sessions held in April. Students who are leaders of multiple clubs may attend on behalf of all of the organizations for which they are a leader.

After your organization attend BOLT, the new leaders will be gain access to complete the Transition process of B Involved. To Renew your student organization for the 2019-2020 school year you must complete the B Involved Transition process by August 1, 2019. This will also ensure your organization is invited to participate in the Activities Fair held during Welcome Week.

If your organization has failed to renew, please contact Cara Wood, Director of Student Activities at for assistance.