Tech Crew

If your event has extensive audio/visual needs (i.e. speakers, microphones, lighting, etc), you will want to contact Tech Crew to request our services. Tech Crew provides audio and lighting: it does not provide musical instruments, projectors and screens or stages. For liability and safety reasons, Tech Crew equipment cannot be rented separate from services.

If your event received SABRC funding, you are provided with whatever coverage you need to make your event successful: the accrued Tech Crew costs do not come out of your individual event's budget. For a fee, Tech Crew's services are also available for student organizations planning non-SABRC-funded events and campus departments. Tech Crew members are paid and their services are not free. Once you submit your request, they will send you an estimate for your event

For purposes of planning and scheduling, requests need to be submitted to Tech Crew at least 3 weeks prior to the date of the event. All estimates, regardless of submission date will have an equipment fee included in the total cost of services. The dollar amount of the equipment fee will be dependent on the submission date, determined as follows:

  • Before 3 weeks of show: $50
  • Within 3 weeks of show: $100
  • Within 2 weeks of show: We No Longer Entertain Requests Within 2 Weeks of a Show Date

This policy does not exclude SABRC-funded events. For SABRC-funded events, the $50 equipment fee is waived. However, if you are planning an SABRC funded event and contact Tech Crew within three weeks, your organization will be billed $100, which is not covered by SABRC. If you contact Tech Crew within two weeks of your event, they reserve the right to refuse your event which may result in the cancellation of your event.

When filling out the Tech Crew Request Form, please fill out all spaces where information is requested. Total costs of Tech Crew services are a sum of labor costs and the equipment fee. In order for Tech Crew to provide you an accurate estimate, they need realistic start times, end times and sound check times for your event. Additionally, they need to know the number of microphones and inputs for instruments needed. This information will help them determine the equipment the show needs, the number of employees needed to work your event, and the total length of services. Once your event request has been given an estimate, it is regarded as confirmed until you state to Tech Crew that the need for services is cancelled. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before an event. If an event is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled event, your organization will be billed up to the full amount estimated to compensate for our time and efforts. BU Tech Crew reserves the right to deny any event requests.

To request Tech Crew's services, complete their request form. If you have further questions, email them at