Scholarships make a difference. For students, scholarships make the difference between attending the college or university of their choice or in some cases, not pursuing their educational dreams at all. For some individuals it is the difference between leaving college with few financial obligations or graduating deeply in debt.

For Bradley, scholarships enable us to compete with the nation’s best universities for top students from diverse cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. Scholarships make a difference to enhancing the Bradley Experience for students and faculty.

The importance of scholarships and financial aid cannot be overstated. Students rely on this support—your support—to pursue a college education. Bradley's scholarship program is vibrant and the need for scholarships continues to grow, creating a gap of unmet need among Bradley students.

Although more than 93% of Bradley students already receive some type of financial assistance, your support can help fill this void. Annual and endowed scholarships are critical to student success at Bradley and our ability to aggressively recruit talented students who might not be able to attend the University without this support.

There are two ways of establishing a scholarship at Bradley:

  • Annual Scholarships are established by gifts that are expended in the year of the gift, and the donor is contacted for renewal. Such awards begin at $1,000.
  • Endowed Scholarships are established in recognition of someone or as a memorial with gift or gifts totaling at least $50,000. The funds are invested and only the income generated is awarded.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

If you wish, you may restrict eligibility for your scholarship to students who meet your selected criteria. Possible criteria might include demonstrated financial need, new student or upper level students, a particular course of study or a certain geographic region. However, more open criteria make scholarships easier to administer and ensure that eligible student(s) can be found each year.  Annual and endowed scholarships are established through a memorandum of agreement that clearly communicates your wishes. 

Naming Opportunities

Annual and endowed scholarships can be established in your name, your family’s name, your organization’s name or in honor or in memory of another individual.

Your Gift is Appreciated

Scholarships are very important to students and therefore to Bradley, and we express our appreciation in a number of ways.

  • Endowed scholarship donors will receive an annual accounting of your endowment earnings;
  • Annual and endowed scholarship donors will received a letter with the name of your scholarship recipient(s).
  • You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you have made a difference in the lives of our students.