Gifts of Stock or Securities

Thank you for your interest in supporting Bradley University. Below are transfer instructions for wire transfers and securities.

Let us know your gift is on its way:

Banks provide minimal information regarding wire and security transfers. Please complete the Gift Transfer Form and email to or fax to 309-677-3379.

Wire / ACH Information

Name of Receiving Bank: PNC Bank

Beneficiary Account Name: Bradley University General Checking

Beneficiary Account number: 4607629006

Routing Number: 071921891 (ACH Payments)

Routing Number: 041000124 (Wire Transfers)

Bank Address: 500 First Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Reference Field: Donor Name, Phone No., Gift Designation

Security Delivery – Depository Trust (DTC)

Brokerage Name: PNC Investments brokerage division

Account Name: Bradley University

DTC Number: 0226

Brokerage Account No: 091-148288

Bradley University Tax ID No: 37-0661494

Brokerage Address: 301 S.W. Adams Street, Peoria, IL 61631

Securities held in Certificate Form

Please obtain a separate stock power and have your “signature guaranteed” on the stock power. The stock power and a “signature guarantee” can normally be obtained from a bank or an investment broker. Please sign your names(s) on the stock power as it is printed on the front of the certificate. Also, please fill in the “transfer unto” space with Bradley University. You do not need to sign the certificate at all when you use a stock power.

To reduce risk, you should mail the stock certificate and the stock power via certified mail in separate envelopes to:
Bradley University
Attn: Dennis Koch
1501 W. Bradley Avenue
Peoria, IL 61625

You can also transfer the stock by having your signature guaranteed on the back of the certificate and mailing it to Bradley. It should be noted that signing the back of the certificate makes the certificate a negotiable instrument and potentially dangerous if lost.

The date of the gift is the postmark date when mailed by US Postal Service. The date of delivery is used if the stock gift is delivered by UPS, Fed Ex, or in person. The price of the stock, used in valuing the gift, is the average of the high and low on the date of the gift.

When you mail in your stock, please add a note stating where you want your gift directed.

Securities held by Transfer Agent

If gifting stock held at the donor’s broker: please have your broker wire transfer the stock from your brokerage account to Bradley’s account at PNC Investments brokerage division (301 S. W. Adams St., Peoria, IL 61631). If you decide to transfer securities through the DTC system, please make contact via email or phone with either Dennis Koch (, 309-677-3119) at Bradley or Ronald Rotondo Jr. (, 309-266-7246) at PNC Investments to obtain the DTC# and Bradley’s account number. Transfer agents will not disclose the name of the donor to Bradley, so please be sure to contact prior to or immediately following the gift to ensure the gift is properly received and credited to Bradley’s account.

The date of the gift is the date the stock is received in the Bradley University account. The price of the stock, used in valuing the gift, is the average of the high and low on the date of the gift.

Mutual Fund Securities held in your Account

Mutual Fund units cannot always be electronically transferred by the Depository Trust Co. (DTC). Please contact your fund’s 800 number and ask for instructions on transferring shares from your account to Bradley University. Most mutual funds require Bradley University to open an account with the fund to accept a transfer. Usually you must send a letter of instruction, indicating the number of shares and authorizing a transfer into Bradley’s account. Once the transfer occurs the University will liquidate that account and a check will be issued to us. Bradley will consider your contribution equal to the full amount of the value of the mutual fund on the day of transfer.

Note: This transfer process could take as long as three weeks to complete.

If you have further questions regarding securities, please contact:

PNC Bank
Ronald Rotondo Jr.
Financial Advisor
301 S.W. Adams St., 3rd Floor
Peoria, IL 61602
Phone: 309-266-7246

Bradley University
Dennis Koch
Assoc. VP of Financial Services
1501 W. Bradley Ave
Peoria, IL 61625
Phone: 309-677-3119