A Chance Encounter Leads to a Coveted Internship

Last spring, junior Isabela Nieto was at the Markin Center getting a bagel from Jerry’s and on her way out a reporter from WCBU, the Peoria NPR affiliate, asked if she would pose for a photo — which she happily obliged. After the shoot, Nieto told the reporter she was studying journalism.

“She handed me her card and said if I was interested in an internship at the station I should reach out to her,” Nieto recalled.

 She ended up getting that internship at WCBU, working at the studio three days a week conducting interviews, reporting, writing and doing audio production.

“I don't receive as many assignments as a full-time reporter, but I produce a good amount of content from my assignments. I like to make it a goal for myself to put out at least one written story per week.”

In addition to her journalism and communication classes at Bradley, Nieto is thankful for the real-world experience she’s getting at the station.

“I have learned so much about the industry and what it means to be a journalist,” she said, noting how it’s helping to shape her career direction.

Internships are a great way for students to immerse themselves in their field and give them a sense of what will be expected of them. Nieto also appreciates the opportunity to be more involved in the local community.

For instance, she covered the Christmas Village at the Peoria Riverfront Museum last year, and she enjoyed speaking with museum board members as they explained their mission.

“It was great to learn how this event funds free museum trips to students across Central Illinois, and share it with our readers and listeners.”

Nieto hopes to continue her internship through graduation in 2024. “I have wanted to be a journalist since seventh grade, and if my 13-year-old self could see what I am doing now, she would think I am very cool.”

— Emily Potts