Bullseye! There’s A New Club on Campus

Archery tends to be a sport we associate with characters like Katniss Everdeen from "The Hunger Games" or Hawkeye from the Marvel movies, but lo and behold, we have a home-grown Archery Club right here on campus. Sophomore UX Design major, Anisa Ellis, founded the club in August 2022 with a few of her friends and it’s grown to nearly 30 members.

She’s been practicing archery since sixth grade and wanted to share the sport with others. “I personally enjoy many aspects of the sport of archery, including its adaptability, the sound of the arrows striking the target, and its competitive nature,” she said.

The release of the bow and the impact of the arrows is addictive. The thrill of the shot is amplified the closer it lands to the bullseye. “It’s rewarding to see my progress grow with every class. I love the challenge of it,” said freshman Kendra Marie, who’s studying social work. “I have never done archery before, so I decided to step outside my comfort zone and try something new, and I’m happy I did.”

Senior Marcy Lesimple, president of BU Fencing Club, joined Archery Club after learning about it at the Fall Activities Fair last September. “The relative nicheness of fencing and archery are nice in some ways. It’s just not something many people do, so it makes me feel more unique,” they said. “While I do enjoy some team sports, I really like to be the one making the difference in the games I play. In fencing and archery, pretty much everything that affects whether you succeed is within your control, so it makes it more motivating to improve.”

The club meets every other Saturday and Sunday at Markin Rec Center, and they typically have a good turnout. The majority of the members are new to archery and take pleasure in developing their skills every week. “I enjoy the feeling when I adjust my technique and it ends up working out the way that I want it to,” explained sophomore industrial engineering major Tianna Davis.

Members have plenty of opportunities to shoot. Marie said the people in the club are supportive and fun. “If you hit closer to the center of the target than you did last shot, they clap and cheer,” she said.

To learn more about Archery Club, follow them on Instagram.

Emily Potts