Best of Campus: September

School is in full swing on the Hilltop: The new Business and Engineering Convergence Center is just about ready for students; we remembered those affected by the terrorist attacks of 9/11; the Fall Job Fair brought lots of students and prospective employers together; volleyball and tennis have a good start; there’s a new mural outside of Admission that’s great for pictures; Homecoming brings the B, Little Lydias and a comedian; and we leave you with a final view of summer. (All photos by Duane Zehr, Liz Wiest and Madison Schwindenhammer.)

Welcome Week

It won’t be long until the Business and Engineering Convergence Center is ready for students and faculty.

In Remembrance

The Quad was full of American flags Sept. 11 to honor all those affected by the 2001 terrorist attacks.


More than 200 employers and nearly 1,300 students were at the fall Job Fair.


Volleyball: It was all high-fives and cheers when the Braves won against the Belmont Bruins at the CEFCU Invitational.

Women’s Tennis: First-year student and Barcelona native Victoria Sánchez Bronzetti hits a lob at the Bradley Invitational.


Mural installation: A new mural painted by Chelsie Tamms ’16 was a great place to get a photo.


You know it’s the start of Homecoming when the B gets placed atop Bradley Hall!

“Little Lydias” graced the atrium of the Michel Student Center, another Homecoming tradition.

Comedian Matt Bellasai had the crowd roaring during his stand-up act.


We leave you with the last views of summer: the first image by Constance Hall; the second in the Quad in front of Westlake and Cullom-Davis Library.