Foil, Épée, and Saber … Oh My!

Fencing requires a certain amount of fancy footwork as challengers advance toward each other, foil drawn, then lunge and retreat. The movements are fluid and graceful, not hostile or hurried like one might expect in a duel. It’s a physical sport that will increase your heart rate, but not exhaust you. 

Bradley’s Fencing Club offers a unique experience for students, whether they’ve fenced before or not. “We want everyone to feel safe and respected when they are with us. We put a lot of effort into fostering a healthy and welcoming community,” said Marcy Lesimple, a senior majoring in computer information systems and president of the club.

“To that end, we have plenty of non-fencing activities and we frequently have dinner as a group in the student center after practice. Everything is done in an opt-in way, so nobody feels they must participate.”

The club meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. at Markin Rec Center. Some people go to compete while other just like the comradery and workout. Senior Anna Miller, a UX design major and the club’s treasurer, joined when she was a freshman just because she thought the sport looked cool.

“It's a unique way to get exercise. I've never been particularly athletic, but fencing is very technical and strategic. Because of this, I always feel like I've been able to improve, and it's felt great doing so,” she said.

Lesimple and Gabriy’el Jones, a junior marketing major, both fenced in high school and serve as coaches for the club. “I really enjoy teaching people a new sport and watching them grow in it. When I see the gears turning and they finally connect the dots on a certain move or win a match, it makes me really happy,” Jones explained.

The club participates in local and national fencing events. To learn more about the Fencing Club, check out their Instagram @bradley_fencing or visit the club page.

Emily Potts