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Through Film

In “Conflict and Survival in Contemporary Western European Film,” history professor John Williams co-edits a collection of thought-provoking essays from diverse experts that explores the region’s past challenges and future outlook through the big screen. The book showcases films like “Days of Glory,” “A War” and “The Edge of Heaven.”

Conflict and Survival in Contemporary Western European Filme bookcover
There A Smile in There? book cover

“Is There A Smile in There?”

Sports communication professor Paul Gullifor wanted to help children who wondered “Where Have All the Smiles Gone?” This children’s book reminds readers of the importance of smiling, even when wearing a mask.

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Modern Studio Makes Recording Affordable and Easy

Want to drop a new song you just wrote but it’s sounding raw cuz you did it on your phone? Check out the retooled, modern recording studio in the heart of campus, where you can use state of the art equipment to record your school or personal projects — at a very discounted rate. Record what you like, maybe your band’s jam session? Or send your voiceover reel to prospective employers and clients.

What if you can’t get to the basement of University Hall, or have a live performance? “If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you,” said studio manager and production guru Bill Duncan, espousing the studio’s mobile potential.

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"I'm cute and I know it!"

Add a little daily cuteness to your feed and follow the Bradley squirrels (@squirrelsofbradley) on Instagram!

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