Report Requests

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness can provide data related to the following types of requests:

  • Common Data Set and Survey Reporting
  • Data related to a grant proposal or accountability report
  • Data to support a Strategic Planning initiative
  • Reports to prepare for Academic Program Review or Programmatic Accreditation
  • Retention or persistence data
  • Required State, Federal, or Accreditation reporting
  • Other External Reporting

Report Request Form

Please complete the form by describing your request and the data elements needed. Please allow two weeks for your report to be completed. Keep in mind that there are a number of University reports available through the Statistical Profile, Acinquire, Navigate, the Smith Career Center, rePORTAL, Enrollment Management, and Digital Measures. For a description of the reports already available through these systems, please see below. If you are looking for reports with a different focus, please contact the appropriate area directly. For example, reports focused on human resources or financial information are coordinated through Information Resources and Technology. Reports focused on individual de-identified student variables, including labels, are coordinated through the Registrar’s Office. If you have questions about access to the data available as described below, please email:

After completing the form, you will be able to print a record of your responses. You will be contacted by email with any questions or upon report completion.

System Description
Statistical Profile Published annually every fall through the Registrar’s Office website, the Statistical Profile includes demographic and retention information on the current student population. Examples of information included are: demographic data on the incoming first-year students; demographic data on the entire student population; number of majors and number of graduates by major program; first-year to sophomore retention information by program, college, University. Some financial information and demographic data on faculty is also included.
Acinquire In addition to course rosters and individual student data, Acinquire contains reports for the current semester as well as past semesters. Reports are generally based on the semester’s census date and include information such as: number of majors (WT47 Tab Major Report); Student Credit Hours generated by course, department prefix, or college (WT25 Course population report by curriculum); other demographic information, address lists, and geographic distribution information is available as well.
Navigate Coordinated through the Academic Success Center, the Student Success Collaborative is a tool that enables advisors and department leadership to empower every student to graduate on a timeline that aligns with their goals. The Navigate application aims to improve student success, retention and graduation rates on college campuses. Primarily a tool for advising and institution reporting, Navigate combines technology, research, and predictive analytics to help advisors and administrators promote student degree completion at Bradley University. Institution reports provide an historical perspective on Graduation Rates through different lenses, such as performance in a given course or changes in major. Advance search features can assist with identifying students in a given population for the currently enrolled students. These may assist departments or units in establishing campaigns or messaging that needs to be distributed to a given student population.
Smith Career Center This annual report includes career outcomes and data about Bradley University baccalaureate and graduate degree recipients. The study utilizes data from baccalaureate degree recipients and advanced degree recipients. Data is collected from students via graduation fair surveys, online surveys, telephone and email solicitations, alumni records, social media research, and input from faculty, staff, and employers. Data collection begins in August and concludes in December for each graduating class. The terminology, standards, and protocols of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) are utilized throughout this study. NACE is the preeminent national organization focused on the employment of the college educated. In addition to these standards, the data collection, analysis and reporting of the Smith Career Center First Destination Study was internally audited in 2016.
rePORTAL Managed through Information Resources and Technology, rePORTAL houses specific reports for units. Examples may include registration or retention reports. Budget reports may also be available. The types of reports are based on an individual’s position and access.
Enrollment Management Back Office (EMBO) Reports If you are planning for future enrollments or gathering data on past incoming classes, current Deans and Department Chairs have access to Bradley’s EMBO reports. These reports show the number of applications, admits and enrollment deposits week over week for the past three years by major for both freshmen and transfer students. Weekly and final class reports are archived and data is available since 2005.
Digital Measures Digital Measures software is utilized to capture an individual faculty member’s Faculty Activity Report information by academic year. An individual faculty member can use the system to generate Faculty Activity Reports or a customized Vita. Additionally, the system can be used by Department Chairs or Deans to generate reports summarizing faculty activities. To access Digitals Measures, sign into MyBU and then click the Faculty Activity Report link.