Rental Fees

If a Bradley department or Bradley Registered Student Organization hosts an event on campus and charges a fee for external guests to attend, the Bradley host will be charged a rental fee for each day the room(s) are utilized. The Bradley student/department rate is 20% of the external rate.

  • If the external event has more than 50% Bradley students attending, the rental fee is waived if no admission fee is collected.
  • If the event proceeds are all donated to a non-University entity and you can provide proof, the rental fee is waived.
  • If a Bradley University camp or conference is held on campus that does not pay rental fees, then a $5 fee per camper per day will be applied to cover infrastructure costs.
  • If a Bradley University Department hosts an event but an outside organization charges a fee and earns revenue, rental fees will be assessed. If the collected fees only cover costs, the rental fees will be waived. Any event hosted on campus that has less than 50% students, faculty, staff in attendance, a $50 infrastructure fee will be charged for each building used.

Internal Rates

Room Type ½ Day Rental Full Day Rental
Classroom, Conference Room, Lydia’s Lounge, Outdoor Space $25 $50
Classroom/ Conference Room w/AV $50 $100
Computer Lab, SC Executive Suite $75 $150
Lecture Hall, Auditorium, Theater, Garret Center Auditorium $100 $200
BECC 1150/1160, Westlake 116, SC Ballroom $150 $300
HCAC Ballroom $200 $400

Custodial Fees

Any events that have less than 50% students in attendance, and a custodian is called in to manage the facility before, during, or after the event, the Bradley host will be required to cover custodian OT pay. Attendance numbers, duration of the event, food service, scheduling etc. are factors to be considered. Event services will work with custodial staff to make the best decision for the University.

Additional Staff Costs

There may be additional staff costs for set up and tear downs based on the scope and location of your event.

Cancellation Fees

Any cancellation requests that occur less than 5 business days in advance may be charged 50% of the rental fee.

Canopy Tent Rentals

Bradley has canopy tents available for use- and has two options for rental:

  1. Event Services can set up and tear down the tent at a cost of $25.
  2. Your group can set up and tear down the canopy tent, but would be responsible for any damages should they occur.

Equipment Rental Fees

All special equipment requests must be submitted and paid no later than 5 business days in advance of the event.

Facility Management Fees

Any event that requires facility management above and beyond normal operating hours will pay $11/hour per facility manager for the duration of the event.

Outdoor Tables & Chair Requests

Organizations/Departments are able to request up to 5 tables for their outside event without being charged. The tables are 6ft plastic folding tables and the chairs are black folding chairs.

If a group needs more than 5 items, or if the event is over the weekend, the charges are as follows:

  • 1-25 items $10
  • 26-50 items $20
  • 51-75 items $30
  • 76-100 items $40, etc.

Outdoor Stage Rentals

Events will be charged $175 for outdoor stage requests. This rental fee covers the cost of set up and tear down labor and wear and tear of the stage. Stage is 3ft tall, and can be set in increments of 4’x4’.


Any student, faculty, staff or person with University business desiring to park on property owned or controlled by the University must display a valid Bradley University parking permit 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Persons attending special University sponsored workshops or seminars must obtain the short-term parking permit from Financial Services – Cashier windows, 103 Swords Hall, M - F, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, or from the sponsoring unit. All visitor parking is restricted to the Visitor lot located at the intersection of Duryea Place and St. James or designated visitor parking spots unless otherwise noted.

The standard visitor rate of $1 per person will be charged for each University hosted/sponsored event/meeting/appointment where attendance at the function is 50 individuals or less. Attendee name/vehicle information will be required when visitor permits are issued.

Parking will charge a flat $50 fee for one day event parking on campus from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday during the academic year for events with over 50 people in attendance. Such events would include the Braves Club Luncheons, Job Fair, etc.

Advance notification from the University College/Department/Center/Unit hosting the event is required to accommodate parking needs. No visitor hang tag or attendee name/vehicle information will be required for these types of events.