Risk Assessment

An important aspect for any event coordinator to consider is the amount of security needed.  If you feel that event attendees might have any exposure to risk at all (including possible injuries and the like), please contact Student Activities for consultation.  We want to help you plan events that are successful and safe!

BU Police

   Chief Brian Joschko
   BU Police
  (309) 677-1002

When planning an event that has any of the following elements, please notify the police no less than 3 weeks before the event date:

  • Music (anything louder than a personal CD/iHome music player)
  • Takes place outdoors, late in the evening and/or overnight
  • Involves a large amount of people, which could cause parking or traffic-related issues
  • Open to the public

However, if you’re planning a concert (indoors or outdoors), please notify the police at least 4 weeks before the event date.