Confirming Orders

Departments also have the option of placing orders themselves with companies who will accept a purchase order number and do not require a copy of the actual purchase order. This is referred to as a Confirming Purchase Order. Before the order is placed, the department needs to fax a completed requisition to 677-3610. Once the Purchasing Department verifies that the information and approvals are correct, and that there are sufficient funds available, the department will be notified with the purchase order number to reference when the order is placed. The department needs to notate the purchase order number on the original requisition before it is forwarded over to the Purchasing Department. Failure to notate the purchase order number may result in another purchase order being created. Different people within the Purchasing Department handle standard purchase orders and confirming purchase orders. The Purchasing Department will create a purchase order and hold it in a file until the original requisition marked CONFIRMATION with the purchase order number notated, is forwarded to the Purchasing Department and processed in the previously mentioned manner, except this purchase order will be noted CONFIRMATION ORDER DO NOT DUPLICATE. Purchasing will not mail or fax a confirming order.