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Nancy Amos

Assistant Professor of Social Work

• Life Stages: Adolescence, College
• Children: Welfare, Abuse
• Women: General
• Depression: General, Postpartum

Carl Anderson

Associate Chair, Department of Music, Instructor in Residence, Music Business, Music & Entertainment Industry

• Music Copyright
• Royalties
• Licensing

Justin Ball

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

• Recruitment: Admissions, Student

Rachel Borton

Department Chairperson, Assistant Professor

• Obstetrics
• Physical Assessment in Nursing
• Family Nurse Practitioner

Lisa Fix-Griffin


• Clinical Psychology
• Psychotherapy
• Stress Management
• Eating Disorders Treatment
• University Counseling Services
• BU Body Project Organization

James Foley


• Small Business Exporting
• FTA Agreements
• Globalization

Elena Gabor

Professor, Organizational Communication

• Assimilation Processes
• Communication: Organizational
• Socialization: Organizational, Vocational

Rustin Gates

Associate Professor

• World War II
• Japan: History, Foreign Policy, Security
• Foreign Relations: East Asian Int'l., US-Japan

Danielle Glassmeyer

Associate Professor

• First Year Composition
• Film Analysis
• English Theories: Narrative, Literary
• 20th-21st Century Fiction
• Domestic American Culture during Cold War

Ethan Ham

Interim Dean of the Slane College of Communications & Fine Arts, Professor of Game Design

• Video Games
• Table Top Games

Luke Haverhals

Research Professor

• Technology: Energy, Materials, Sustainability, Manufacturing, Automation
• Economics: Scalable Startups, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Technology

Anthony Hermann

Psychology Department Chair, Director of Honors Program

• General Social Psychology
• Narcissism
• Self-esteem

Alexander Hertich

Department Chair and Professor of French

• France: Literature, Language, Culture, Cinema

Mohammad (Imran) Hossain

Associate Professor

• Pavement Materials: Modeling
• Viscoelastic Materials: Atomic Scale Test, Nanoindentation Test

Keith Johnson


• Molecular Biology
• Biotechnology
• Resistance in Bacteria: Antibiotic, Mercury

Herbert Kasube

Associate Professor, Emeritus

• Mathematics History

Seth Katz

Associate Chair and Professor

• English: Language, Grammar, Style, Dialects
• History of the English Language
• World Englishes
• Linguistics
• Attitudes about Language
• Language Change

Dennis Kroll


• Engineering Cost and Economy
• Analysis, Production and Inventory Management
• Numerical Methods
• Computer Programming: Java, JavaScript, Fortran, VBA, HTML, BASIC

Joshua Lewer

Acting Associate Dean of New Initiatives, Economics and Finance Department Chair, McCord Professor and Stevenson PNC Bank Professor

• Macroeconomics

Aleksander "Olek" Malinowski


• Computer Networks
• Network Programming
• Automation: Factory, Home
• Systems: Cyber-Physical, Embedded

John Marino

Associate Professor

• Aquatic Ecology

Melinda McBee Orzulak

Associate Professor and Coordinator of English Education

• Secondary English Education, English Language Learners
• Educational Linguistics: Linguistic Diversity, Language Variation and Change, Writing
• Writing Teacher Education, Discourse Analysis

Kristan McKinsey

Director, Illinois Women Artists Project

• Art: Studio, Fine, Glass, Folk
• Museums
• Women Artists of Illinois

Demaris Montgomery

Associate Professor

• Human Visual Performance
• Human Factors
• Sensation and Perception
• Attention

Sherri Morris

Associate Dean of Curriculum and Faculty Excellence and Professor

• Ecology
• Soil
• STEM Education Programming

Lee Newton

Director of Education Abroad and International Programs
Assoc. Prof., Dept. of English

• Writing: Business, Grant, Creative
• American Poetry
• Literature: Asian-American, 20th Century American

John Nielsen

Associate Professor

• Middle East
• Ancient Near East
• Antiquities Looting

Isaac Oliver/de Oliveira

Associate Professor

• Judaism
• Christianity, New Testament
• Jewish-Christian Relations

Megan Remmel

Associate Professor

• Politics: State, Local
• Political Psychology
• US Congress

Gary Roberts


• Professional Sports: American League, Individual, International
• College and Amateur Sports
• Olympic Sports
• Doping and Drug Testing Issues
(Limited Knowledge in Motorsports and Martial Art Sports (Boxing, MMA))

Heidi Rottier

Instructor, Marketing

• Social Media Marketing
• Social Customer Service

James Ryan

International Trade Specialist, Affiliate Instructor

• International Trade: Import, Export

Udo Schnupf

Associate Professor

• High Performance Computing
• Laser Induced Fluorescence
• Molecular Spectroscopy
• Complex Biological Systems: Molecular Modeling
• Chemical Systems: Quantum Mechanical Methods
• Carbohydrates: Structure, Energy Relationships

Wendy Schweigert

Associate Professor

• Psychology: Cognitive, Environmental
• Memory: Long-Term, Short-Term

Mathew Timm


• Low Dimensional Topology
• Related Point Set Topology
• Group Theory
• Mathematics Education
• Educational Administration

Laurie Vickroy


• American Literature
• French Literature
• Trauma & Literature/Narrative
• Psychology & Literature
• Women's Writing, 20th Century & Contemporary

Angela Weck

Affiliate Instructor and Global Education Coordinator

• Russia & Eastern Europe
• Russian Foreign Policy
• Putin

Dannielle Wentzel


• Secondary Education, STEM Education
• Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry

John Williams


• European History
• German History
• Film History
• Holocaust