Bradley Briefing

April 8, 2021

President Stephen Standifird provides a "Bradley Briefing" to give the Bradley community a high level overview of some of the projects, happenings and operational changes at the university.

Legacy of Lydia Moss Bradley

Lydia Moss Bradley is an inspiration for me and is key to the identity of our university. You can learn more about her amazing legacy in her biography. Lydia Moss Bradley experienced a level of hardship I hope you never experience. And yet, she was not broken by it. She did more than survive. She thrived. She had an action-oriented life that built beyond the boundaries of what was considered possible for a woman in her time. She left a legacy of breaking boundaries through new model making. This is who we are. Hardship does not break us. Following her lead is how we move forward after one of the most challenging years any of us have ever experienced. This is how we build for tomorrow. We lead with our legacy because it is in our DNA. We must build for what’s next. We are built for beyond.

New Branding Initiative

This concept of Built for Beyond is something you’ll hear more about in the months to come. We have heard from a number of you about opportunities to enhance our brand. We have engaged Philadelphia based Polish Branding to find ways to strengthen our brand and to tell our story better. The Polish team has significant experience and expertise in the area of higher education branding.They are doing exciting work that builds on the foundational strength of the university. We plan to roll out the new branding within the next few months. The look of our brand (logos, colors, etc.) isn't changing, but with this new strategy, we will better highlight the underlying strengths of our institution. A university built for beyond. Stay tuned for more information.

Modernizing our Processes

Part of building the university for beyond involves improving processes and policies throughout the organization. It’s essential we continue to evolve and find ways that allow you to be more efficient and effective in your work. We’re being very strategic about what needs to change or be updated. Some of those changes have already been announced. We are in the process of improving a number of HR processes. We have upgraded our learning management system with the introduction of CANVAS. We introduced a new opportunities approval process to provide clarity to the process for introducing new academic opportunities. More changes are on the horizon. Our processes should help, not hinder, our progress. Improving our processes and policies is a key component to building for beyond.

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