New Emeriti Honored at Bradley

March 29, 2022

Bradley welcomed its emeriti family back to campus this week to honor the most recent emeriti inductees. It's been a few years since Bradley has been able to host and honor this distinguished crowd, so the university celebrated the classes of 2019-21.

Emeritus status is a designation conferred on those whose service to Bradley is among the very best and whose contributions to the institution's academic mission are extraordinary. These men and women have positively impacted the lives of thousands of students, who leave Bradley and go on to be productive citizens who impact our world.


  • Antonio Baron — Technology Support Services — (Posthumously)
  • Cindy Brubaker — Associate Professor of Nursing
  • Chang-Ok Choi — Associate Professor of Family and Consumer Science
  • Jean Grant — Associate Professor of Teacher Education
  • Jeff Hibbard — Senior System Administrator
  • Chris Kasch — Associate Professor of Communication
  • Gary (Chen-Sin) Lin — Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
  • Caitriona Moloney — Associate Professor of English
  • Carla Montez — Director of Marketing, Continuing Education and Professional Development
  • Jeanne Muzzillo — Associate Professor of English
  • Linda Pizzuti — Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs
  • David Quigg — Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Susan (Brill de) Ramirez — Professor of English — (Posthumously)
  • D. Michael Risen — Associate Professor of Educational Administration
  • Edward Sattler — Professor of Economics
  • Joan Sattler — EHS Dean and Professor of Education
  • Vince Showers — Professor of Quantitative Methods
  • Molly Sloter — Collaborative Pianist
  • Cynthia Steinwedel — Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Laurie Vincent — Administrative Assistant, Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Allen Webster — Professor of Quantitative Methods
  • Robert Wolffe — Professor of Teacher Education


  • Amir Al-Khafaji — Professor of Civil Engineering and Construction
  • Francesca Armmer — Associate Professor of Nursing
  • John Bockler — Maintenance/Grounds Supervisor of Facilities Management
  • Timothy Conley — Associate Professor of English
  • Jeanne Ditewig — Assistant to the Vice President for Advancement
  • Peggy Flannigan — Associate Professor of Nursing
  • Janice Frazier — Instructor of Communication in Residence
  • Charles Frey — Special Collections Librarian and Associate Professor
  • Bernard Goitein — Professor of Management and Leadership
  • Bryce Mitchell Griffin — Professor of Marketing
  • Steven Gutschlag — Assistant Professor in Residence of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Patricia Hatfield — Professor of Finance and Quantitative Methods
  • Brian Huggins — Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Richard Johnson — Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Paul Kasambira — Professor of Education, Counseling, and Leadership
  • Herbert Kasube — Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Paul Krainak — Professor of Art and Design
  • K. Krishnamoorthi — Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
  • Janet Lange — Executive Director of Continuing Education and Professional Development
  • Desh Paul Mehta — Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Becky Moore — Staff, Department of Music
  • Nena Peplow — Director of Human Resources
  • Robert Podlasek — Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Nancy Sherman — Professor of Education, Counseling and Leadership
  • Rebecca Snyder — Director of Enterprise Services
  • Janice Traenkenschuh — Administrative Support, Foster College of Business
  • Jenny Tripses — Professor of Leadership in Education, Counseling, and Leadership
  • Duane Zehr — University Photographer
  • Ali Zohoori — Professor of Communication


  • Helja Antola Crowe — Director of CTEL and Professor of Teacher Education
  • Vicki Cooksey — Administrative Support, Department of Art and Design
  • Steve Dolins — Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Robert Fuller — Distinguished Professor of Philosophy & Religious Studies
  • Barbara Galik — Associate Professor and Executive Director of Cullom Davis Library
  • Janet Gehring — Associate Professor of Biology
  • Anne Herbert — Lecturer of English
  • Jannett Highfill — Professor of Economics
  • Rick Hutchison — Police Lieutenant
  • Kenneth Klotz — Managing Director of the Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Betty Lawrence — Associate Dean of the Slane College of Communication and Fine Arts
  • Lori Luthy — Creative Director for Enrollment Management
  • Lois Parkhurst — Administrative Assistant for Facilities Management
  • Martha Schmitt — Administrative Support for the Slane College of Communication and Fine Arts
  • Steven Tippett — Interim Dean of the College of Education and Health Sciences,
  • David Vroman — Professor of Music

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