CFA Awards Announced

June 11, 2020

Bradley's Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts announces its 2020 Spring Semester awards for its outstanding students.

Department of Art & Design

Outstanding Student in Art History
Madeleine Wick

Outstanding Student in Ceramics
Alyssa Boyles
Taylor Fawcett

Outstanding Student in Drawing
Paige Johnson
Madeleine Wick

Outstanding Student in Graphic Design
Krista Frerking
Michael Inman
Madison Schwindenhammer

Outstanding Student in Painting
Theresa Sample
Austin Scanlon

Outstanding Student in Photography
Madison Schwindenhammer
Brandon Towns

Outstanding Student in Sculpture
Marco Blancas
Jason Nigg

Kottemann Endowed Scholarship
Celia Compton

Dow P. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship
Madeleine Wick

Mendez-KK Endowed Scholarship
Libby Houdek

Department of Communication

Outstanding Student in Television Arts

Anthony Landahl

Outstanding Student in Journalism
Caroline Todd

Outstanding Student in Public Relations
Stephanie Dean

Outstanding Student in Organizational Communication
Leslie Rosas
Matthew Johnson

Outstanding Student in Sports Communication
Dalton Kemper

Outstanding Students in Advertising
Tony Xu
Tyler Figueroa

Department of Interactive Media

Applied Excellence in Animation and Game Design (BFA)
Charli Kerr

Applied Excellence in Animation and Game Design (BFA)
Nathaniel Clark

Academic Excellence in Animation and Game Design (BFA)
Jay Hajek

Outstanding Animation Student (First-Year Student)
Emily Allar

Outstanding Animation Student (Sophomore)
Sydney Fillipi

Outstanding Animation Student (Junior)
Cailyn Talamonti

Outstanding Animation Student (Senior)
Ben Panfil

Animation Highest GPA Award – Graduating Senior
Kia Woods-Wall

Applied Excellence in Web and UX Design (First-Year Student)
Shane de Sibour

Applied Excellence in Web and UX Design (Sophomore)
Taylor Johnson

Applied Excellence in Web and UX Design (Junior)
Katrina King

Applied Excellence in Web and UX Design (Senior)
Max Bulver

Web and UX Design Highest GPA Award – Graduating Senior
Max Bulver

Applied Excellence in Game Design (First-Year Student)
Darial Nishi

Applied Excellence in Game Design (Sophomore)
Douglas Guzman

Applied Excellence in Game Design (Junior)
Nathan Cover

Applied Excellence in Game Design (Senior)
Eddie Borissov

Game Design Highest GPA Award – Graduating Senior
Warren Guiles

Interactive Media Student of the Year
Dahia Jackson

Department of Music

Bradley Concerto/Aria Competition Award Winners
Randy Sperry
Jessica Everts
McKenna Hulen

Sigma Alpha Iota Scholarship Award
Jessica Everts

Sigma Alpha Iota Collegiate Honor Award
Jessica Everts

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Scholastic Award
Matt Grebner

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Collegiate Honor Award
Matt Grebner

Presser Scholar
2019-2020 Caitlyn DePriest
2020-2021 Conor Sadauskas

Department of Theatre Arts

Excellence in Academic Achievement (First-Year Student)
Kristin Serena

Excellence in Academic Achievement (Sophomore)
Barbie Brown
Jamie Yerkes

Excellence in Academic Achievement (Junior)
Ashleigh Owens
Jody Holtz

Excellence in Academic Achievement (Senior)
Africa Hill

Excellence in Acting
Emma O’Mahoney
Ashleigh Owens
Grace Sergott

Excellence in Design
Stephanie Begalke
Barbie Brown

Excellence in Growth of Craft
Mia Katz
Anthony Roselli

Excellence in Stage Management
Lucy Silva

Excellence in Production
Kendra Drew

Excellence by a Theatre Minor
Gabby Cadieux
Claire Sullivan

Excellence in Service to the Department
Stephanie Begalke

Excellence in Theatre Scholarship
Africa Hill
Maeve Mellen

Irene Ryan Nominees
Susan Falk & Ashleigh Owens (Sense and Sensibility)
Joe King & Maggie Sullivan (Peter and the Starcatcher)
Mia Katz & Jamie Yerkes (The Wolves)

Kennedy Center ACT Festival Certificate of Merit
Lucy Silva (Stage Management)
Stephanie Begalke (Costume Design)
Anthony Roselli (Props Design)
Barbie Brown (Sound Design)

Dean’s Student Advisory Committee

Nick Albrecht
Jacob Brown
Kendra Drew
Susan Falk
Hezekiah George
Ethan Gerard
Ian Gregg
Africa Hill
Kathleen McPartland
Maggie Mitchell
Dylan Pashke
Kasey Walsh
Kendall Welch
Keziah Yarnoff

Global Scholars

Catherine Blood
Michaella Busato
Coleman Clayton
Patricia Gem Diaz Velazquez
Jessica Everts
Courtney Feist
Kerra Fisher
Amelia Karmis
Samantha Kestler
Megan Le
Thomas Pickering
Troi Roberson
Sara Slinker

Intern of the Year

Madison Ribordy

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