Brazilian Students Experience Cross-Cultural Exchange Through Bradley Partnership

A delegation composed of eight members of the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) - six undergraduate students, one master's student, and one professor - experienced a cross-cultural exchange focused on social entrepreneurship and leadership for 10 days in the United States, thanks to the strategic partnership between ESPM and Bradley University through the Empowering Women Globally program. 

Bradley hosted the delegation from Jan. 19 to Jan. 29, 2024, providing opportunities to experience university classes, networking with current Bradley students, community events, academic challenges, radio interviews, and engagement in volunteer programs.

This cultural exchange was made possible through the Empowering Women Globally program, an initiative that promotes female social entrepreneurship and is coordinated between Bradley University in the USA and ESPM in São Paulo, Brazil.

About Empowering Women Globally:

Conceived over 12 years ago by Dr. Mary Conway Dato-on, Executive and Academic Director at the Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Bradley University, Empowering Women Globally (EWG) focuses on strengthening female entrepreneurship through education and social entrepreneurship. The program operates in Brazil and India, and has already completed three successful cycles in Brazil, benefiting over 78 entrepreneurs from various industries.

Each cycle of the program is structured into three phases:

Phase one involves a six-month immersion of an ESPM Scholar in the USA to learn more about the essence and purpose of the program.

In phase two, the Scholar returns to Brazil to coordinate the involvement of students and entrepreneurs in a collaborative work journey, aiming to ensure a mentoring process for entrepreneurs with the support of students who become mentors for these entrepreneurs. Additionally, workshops and action plan development are carried out. The students’ work is entirely voluntary, and the entrepreneurs do not pay anything to participate.

At the end of phase two, outstanding students have the opportunity to receive the title of Changemakers and are invited to participate in the immersion in social entrepreneurship and leadership at Bradley University, marking phase three, which concludes the cycle and promotes a cultural exchange for the students who stood out during the program.