Bradley-Partnered NASA Program Receives Prestigious Award

September 3, 2020

The Centennial Challenges program Bradley University was recently a part of just earned itself the NASA Team Silver Medal Award. This prestigious award is only received by a few government and non-government individuals/teams every few years.

The Centennial Challenges program NASA partnered with Bradley on was the 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge, a competition to build a 3D-printed habitat for deep space exploration. This multi-phase challenge was designed to advance the construction technology needed to create sustainable housing solutions for Earth and beyond. Bradley served as the competition's nonprofit educational partner until completion. Wrapping up in May of 2019, the competition awarded a total of $2,061,023 to its participants.

The directors of the NASA Center deemed the 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge a "stellar achievement" that supports NASA's core values. The NASA Team Silver Medal Award is awarded when the directors find it "extraordinarily important and appropriate to recognize such achievement in a timely and personalized manner."

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