Brand Identity

No unauthorized wordmark, logo or graphic element may be used to represent the University or any of its colleges, schools, divisions, departments, programs, offices or other units. However, units with external partners or associations may have distinct logos that may be used as subordinate symbols with the logo system with prior approval from the Office of Marketing and Communications. The Office of Marketing and Communications recognizes some other units may need subordinate symbols and will review/approve those requests on a case-by-case basis; however, the university reserves the right to change these symbols or the approved use thereof at any time.

University Voice

Words communicate specific ideas and images. They help us accurately and completely tell the university’s stories and communicate its values. We chose several unique words to demonstrate the brand and reflect strengths and values of the university and a Bradley education.

These words shouldn’t be repeated in every usage but should serve as inspiration and be a reference for the tone of the piece. Not every audience or use should be addressed the same way but all our brand efforts but should reflect these.

Respected – We are an honored institution whose achievements are well known

Proud – We enjoy seeing the results of our efforts portrayed in an accurate and respectful way

Genuine – We are honest and direct

Community – We are made up of diverse constituencies nurturing each other and working together for the greater good

Dynamic – We are growing, changing and evolving to be better for the future while respecting and honoring the past

These words convey different messages to our different constituencies — students, parents, faculty-staff, alumni and others associated with the university (employers, supporters, community members).

Students will meet new challenges and strive for excellence through innovative opportunities not found at other institutions.

Parents know their students will be prepared and part of a larger community.

Faculty and staff feel valued and engage with students and each other in an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Alumni know their degrees are valued and realize the depth of their experience at Bradley; they feel connected to those who came before and after them.

Others identify Bradley as a collaborative institution with clarity and purpose — training future achievers.