New Opportunities Process

The New Opportunities Process was established in the summer 2020. Its purpose is to enable Bradley faculty and staff to develop strategically aligned programs and initiatives designed to enhance the university's portfolio of high-quality academic offerings, strengthen student support, generate revenue, and advance operational excellence. The New Opportunities Process is also intended to encourage innovation and institutional responsiveness given the dynamic nature of the contemporary higher education landscape.

Questions about the New Opportunities Process can be directed to Dr. Christopher Jones, Vice President for Strategy and Innovation ( Faculty and staff are encouraged to consult with Dr. Jones before investing time and effort into developing full proposals.

New Program and Initiative Proposal Question Set

Here is the format to follow when completing a proposal.

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Here are the steps encompassing the approval process.

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Sample New Program Approval Form

This document is issued when a proposal is approved.

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Higher Learning Commission Guidelines for Notification and Approval

Consider HLC guidelines when submitting a proposal.

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