Withdrawing from a Course

Although withdrawing from a course is not considered in calculating grade point average, it should be a last resort and should only be considered if a grade in a course might cause your cumulative GPA to fall below a 2.0, which can affect your academic standing at the University. Review the Undergraduate Catalog section entitled “Undergraduate Scholastic Probation, Dismissal, and Forgiveness Policies” if you have questions about academic probation or dismissal.

If withdrawing from a course seems like the best option, you should follow the steps below to confirm that you understand the impact of doing so before you withdraw.

  1. Contact the professor of the course
    1. Make sure you understand what your current grade represents (and what it doesn’t – sometimes not all workyou’ve turned in is factored into what appears to be your current grade)
    2. Discuss with your professor the likelihood of improving this grade before the end of the term
    3. If you are unlikely to pass the class or earn the grade you need to continue in your curriculum, you may want to consider withdrawing from the class
  2. Contact your advisor
    1. You can find your advisor’s contact information under Registration Navigation in MyBradley. It will be listed at the top of the page. If no advisor information is listed, please contact the department of your major.
    2. Make sure your advisor knows that you plan on withdrawing from a class and seek their advice on what actions you should take next
    3. If you contact your advisor on the date of the withdrawal deadline, you may not be able to wait for a reply from your advisor before withdrawing from the course. If you fail to withdraw from the class by the end of the day, you will not be able to withdraw
  3. Contact the Financial Assistance office
    1. Be sure you understand if and how withdrawing from a course might affect your financial aid
    2. Even if you will remain at or above full time standing (at least 12 credit hours), you may have certain scholarships, grants, or aid that has other requirements
    3. Financial Assistance can be reached at (309) 677-3089 or by visiting Swords Hall 100 Monday-Friday between 8am - 5pm.

If withdrawing from your course(s) is still your best option, you may withdraw in MyBradley under Registration Navigation and select Add/Drop.

Here are the steps for dropping a course(s):

  • Go to Registration Navigation in MyBradley
  • Select Add/Drop (located at bottom of page)
  • Select Term (from drop down menu)
  • Select Drop Course Form
  • At Course Drop page select Term (from drop down menu)
  • Check the box of each course you would like to drop
  • Please note any courses without a check box are not available for dropping.

    If the course you are withdrawing from is a prerequisite to something you planned on taking in the next term, you will likely need to revise your schedule for the upcoming semester; otherwise, you may be dropped from the course whose prerequisite you no longer meet. Contact your advisor with any questions or changes.

    If you need additional assistance, or if your advisor is unavailable, contact the Academic Success Center by phone at (309) 677-2416, success@bradley.edu, or visit us in room 320 of the Cullom-Davis Library Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm.