Request for Access to Navigate

To request access to Navigate, the person who will access the system must provide the information requested in the form below. The form response will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar and to your department chair, dean, director, executive director, or another individual with approval authority for your access.

Once we have verified that you meet the requirements per the University’s FERPA policy and are approved for access, you will receive a notification email that alerts you to your new permissions/access in Navigate.

Please include everything before the @ in the user's Bradley email address.

Check all that apply - features not listed below are generally available to all users with access. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REQUEST ACCESS TO FEATURES YOU ALREADY HAVE.

If working on a short-term project. If no date is selected, faculty/staff permissions are reviewed each academic year; student staff permissions are reviewed every semester.

If you already have AcInquire access, please respond "Yes." Your response must be confirmed with the Office of the Registrar before permissions can be provided. The mandatory FERPA quiz can be found here:

Complete FERPA Quiz

You have indicated that you did not complete the mandatory FERPA quiz. In order to gain access to SSC Campus, you will need to complete the FERPA quiz.

Please visit to complete the quiz. Once finished, select "Back" below, then select "Yes" to the FERPA Quiz prompt to submit this form.

If you select "Submit" below, your request will not be reviewed. 

A printed and signed copy of the Request for Access to Computerized Student Records form must be on file in the Office of the Registrar for any faculty or staff member to access student records in online systems. Please follow the link below to download and print the form. Both pages need to be signed and submitted to the Office of the Registrar before access can be given. You may contact the Office of the Registrar to confirm your form has been submitted at extension 3101.