Tutoring Schedules

Free One-on-One Tutoring

Free, one on one, online tutoring appointments are available for Bradley University students for select courses, up to 3 hours per week. Tutoring appointments should be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Students can check out tutor availability for one-on-one appointments for any class(es) in which they're currently enrolled by visiting Navigate or completing the steps below:

  1. Login to Navigate
  2. Click "Get Assistance"
  3. Select "Tutoring & Presentation Assistance" and "Free Tutoring" from the dropdown menus, then click "Find Available Time"
  4. Select the course you'd like to discuss.
    NOTE: If no course is listed, no tutors are available for one-on-one tutoring in any of your currently-enrolled courses. Please check the drop-in schedule, visit faculty office hours, or check availability for private tutoring.
  5. Select your meeting date/time, and confirm your preferred meeting format (in-person or virtual)
  6. Click "Schedule" to book your appointment. You will receive a confirmation email. You must cancel or reschedule any scheduled tutoring appointment at least 24 business hours in advance.

Free Drop-In Tutoring

Free drop-in tutoring is available for select classes. Drop-in tutoring schedules and access information requires a BU Net ID and password to access. View drop-in tutoring schedules and access information.

Paid Private Tutoring – Students And Community

Bradley University has collaborated with Tutor Matching Service (TMS) for the convenience of students who either cannot use the Academic Success Center’s services (including non-Bradley students), those would rather have a private tutor, those in classes for which free tutoring is not offered, or those who need to exceed the three free hours allotted each week. View Paid Private Tutors.

About TMS Tutoring:

  • TMS tutors offer their services on a pay-per-session basis.
  • Tutors set their own rates, and are paid directly through TMS.
  • Bradley University provides no oversight of their services and does not make any recommendation regarding their appropriateness to tutor inside the subject areas they have self-selected to tutor in.

Bradley University is not affiliated with Tutor Matching Service (TMS). Tutors on TMS are not employees or independent contractors of Bradley University. Tutors on TMS are private contractors hired directly by students. Bradley University neither guarantees the quality of TMS or its tutors, verifies the credentials or criminal and professional background of TMS or its tutors, nor endorses TMS or its tutors in any way. Bradley University makes no warranty, express or implied, of any kind, regarding the services provided by TMS or its tutors. Students are urged to read and follow the TMS terms of service carefully in order to get the best experience.

Become a Tutor

Tutoring is an extremely valuable resource for students, so we invest a great deal of time into the program. We work closely with the faculty across multiple academic departments to recruit tutors in subject areas where we need to increase support, and we contact students directly if they meet the criteria for an open position. Those messages are sent to your Bradley email if you fit the criteria for an opening at the time.

In the meantime, if you would like to make yourself available for private tutoring where you set your pay rate and availability, please visit Tutor Matching Service. Private tutors are not employed by Bradley University. Signing up to be a tutor through Tutor Matching Service does not impact your eligibility for employment with the Academic Success Center in the future.