Health Professions Career Fair

Health Professions Career Fair - In Person

   Tuesday, November 9
   1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
   Michel Student Center, Ballroom

Expected Number of Employers: 30+

Open to all Bradley Students who seek full-time and internship positions from health related employers in particular. This includes nursing, physical therapy, pre-med, IT for healthcare and Health Information Management, health laboratory work, pharmaceutical sales, Clinical Laboratory Science, CNA, paramedics/EMT, dietetics, medical lab technology, health administration/management, counseling, and social work.

Attend the Health Professions Career Fair To:

  • Explore career options
  • Network with prospective employers
  • Submit your resume for an internship, externship, or full-time job

How Should You Prepare For This Job Fair?

  1. Log in to Bradley netWORK to research employers, apply for positions, and view the participating employers under the “Events” menu tab, the filter by Job Fair.
  2. Schedule an appointment with your career advisor to prepare a resume and ask for guidance.
  3. Be prepared to deliver your 30-second elevator pitch when meeting an employer.
  4. Create a list of 5-10 employers you plan to target at the fair, and prepare questions to ask the recruiter.
  5. Explore a variety of online resources to maximize your preparation.
  6. After speaking with an employer at the fair, be sure to say “thank you” and follow-up with those that interest you.
  7. If you require any special accommodations, please contact David Schwartz at 309-677-2510.


Why should I attend?

Attending a job fair is as much practicing your networking skills as it is about applying for a job. It is an excellent chance to practice asking and responding to job-related questions, learning about the job application process, and listening to employer needs. It is also the chance to let your personality stand out and give employers a reason to choose your application from the hundreds of applications they receive via their website.

How long should I plan for the event?

If you have planned ahead and identified potential employers of interest, you should be able to speak with most of them within 1-2 hours.

How many employers should I target?

Be open minded. Select at least 5-10 employers to visit.

What impresses employers?

Employers appreciate students who are prepared. Knowing a few facts about the employer and introducing yourself in a confident manner (including a firm handshake) will catch a recruiter's attention. A short list of appropriate questions also helps spark conversation.

What if I am nervous?

Nerves are understandable. Warm-up by starting with employers where you have interest, but are not necessarily at the top of your wish list.

Can I visit an employer that does not list my major?

Yes! Employers may have a wish list of majors, but will often consider candidates that have related experience that matches the job description. They may also have unexpected openings for positions not on the job fair list.

Does "any major" mean that the employer is desperate to hire just anybody?

No! Employers that hire "any major" often have strong training programs. They are looking for hard working, smart, flexible individuals who have the desire to learn the operations of the organization and work their way up.

Do I need to bring cover letters?

No. Cover letters are used after the fair when following up with employers.

Is "apply on-line" just a brush off?

No! Most employers today consider online applications step #1 in the hiring process. Though a resume is helpful for contact information, most recruiters cannot invite you to interview until an online application is completed.

What if I can't find an employer?

Find a Smith Career Center staff member at the student help desk or on the floor and ASK! They will know which employers have cancelled and will give additional follow-up direction.