Isolation Process for Students

Entering Isolation

If you’re a student identified as COVID-positive (through on-campus or self-reported, off-campus testing) you’ll receive a call from Bradley Health Services. During this call, you’ll answer questions about your symptoms, where you’ve been, whether or not you’ve been in close contact with anyone and your living arrangements (location, names of roommates). You’ll also receive information about what to do next based on your living arrangement. Finally, you’ll be given a target date for the end of your isolation, and you’ll be REQUIRED to remain in isolation until you’re officially released by Health Services.

During Isolation

Being in isolation can be difficult whether you’re well or not. It can be boring, lonely and frustrating, but it’s critical you take good care of yourself and completely avoid in-person interactions for the duration of your isolation. Even if you feel well, you risk passing COVID-19 along to someone else.

  • You may not leave your isolation space at any point during your isolation period. An exception will be made for scheduled medical appointments.
  • You may not have visitors or guests while you’re in isolation, even if they are also in isolation,have had COVID-19 themselves, or are up-to-date on their COVID vaccines.
  • You may be housed in isolation with other students who are required to isolate. Be courteous and respectful at all times.

Transitioning to Isolation Lodging:

  • If you’re able to isolate in your current residence, isolation begins immediately.
  • If you need to move from your current residence to university-provided isolation housing, you’ll be asked to remain in your current residence and to take all precautions to avoid transmitting COVID-19 to others until you can move to your isolation location. Bradley Health Services will make arrangements for your lodging, transportation and meals; you’ll receive details via phone and/or email. It’s important you answer your phone and check your email diligently during this time.
  • You may return to your permanent residence if you wish. However, you must arrange this through Health Services who’ll work directly with you to provide guidance for safe travel.
  • If you currently live in campus housing, your building manager, hall director, and/or RA will be notified you are moving into isolation.
  • If you need to move from your current residence, you should pack the following:
    • five days worth of clothes/shoes, personal hygiene products and medication
    • pillow and bedding (fitted sheet will be provided)
    • washcloths and towels
    • a personal thermometer
    • a few cloth face coverings
    • disinfectant to clean surfaces in your room / living space
    • your school supplies (laptop, charger, books, notebooks, pens/pencils, etc.)
    • your cell phone, cell phone charger, wallet, I.D., and other important documents
    • a fun game/distraction

Meals and Food:

  • If you’re isolated in university-provided housing, Dining Services will provide meals. You’ll receive further details regarding the specifics of your meals and dietary needs at the beginning of your isolation. You must wear a mask and remain physically distant from others when you collect your meal.
  • You may order food or groceries, but you must ensure contactless delivery. You’ll receive further details regarding the specifics of how/where to accept delivery based on your location at the beginning of your isolation. You must wear a mask and remain physically distant from others when you collect your food/grocery.

Exiting Isolation

At Bradley University, we follow the CDC’s recommendations regarding release from isolation.

  • You may not leave your isolation location prior to the date/time provided to you by Health Services.
  • Health Services will contact you during your last full day of isolation to discuss your status and to confirm your isolation end-date. Typically, you’ll be released at 7 a.m. the following morning.

Transitioning Back to Your Residence and In-Person Classes:

  • Even if you’ve recovered from COVID-19, you must still follow Bradley’s COVID-19 guidelines when you leave isolation.
  • Regardless of where you were isolating, you may only return to your pre-isolation routine after being cleared by Health Services.
  • Regardless of where you were isolating, Student Support Services will notify your instructors of your return to in-person classes.
  • If you were in university-provided isolation housing, you’ll be offered transportation back to your residence, and your meal delivery will be suspended on the day of your release.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in disciplinary action.