5.05.02 Personal Electronic Mail Recommendation

I. Purpose

The purpose of this procedure is to publicize the impact of this policy on personal privacy and suggest a method to minimize this impact.

Policy Supported

This procedure is in support of Electronic Mail Account Usage (5.05).

II. Description

Typically most faculty, staff and administrators use their University Exchange account for both personal and business purposes. In the past the University has assured you of the privacy of these emails and has documented the procedures required to violate that privacy. With these new requirements, it becomes virtually impossible to protect this privacy for personal communications. Further, the life time for a deleted message was limited to approximately a week. These requirements now extend the potential lifetime to several years.

Therefore we suggest that all employees arrange for a separate personal email account for personal communications. These accounts are not subject to subpoenas served to Bradley. Be aware that they certainly can be subpoenaed if you are the subject of the subpoena. These accounts are freely available from Google, Yahoo and a number of other vendors for little (in most cases no) cost.

The Service Desk will assist you with configuration of your email client to allow you to read these emails and send messages from these accounts.

III. Scope

This procedure applies to all faculty, staff, and administrators.

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