5.06.02 End User Compliance Responsibilities

I. Purpose

This procedure documents steps to take to protect the Bradley University computers and network from damage due to malware infections.

Policy Supported

This procedure is in support of Malware Protection (5.06).

II. Description

Computer and network activity resulting from malware is costly to the institution in a number of ways. Data loss, system corruption, and the cost of human and financial resources required to restore system and network integrity are detrimental to the institution. There is no one product which will secure and protect the campus systems and network. Reasonable efforts must be made by individuals, departments, and technology support units to provide system and network protection from destructive programs and other security encroachments.

Timely information regarding threats will be sent to campus in a variety of ways, including notices via electronic mail and postings on Sakai and the Service Desk page.

Information Technology will continue to work with Student Senate and the Residential Life staff to increase awareness of the importance of adequate malware protection.

End User Responsibilities

The following steps can be taken to help protect systems from infection:

  • Make back-up copies of important documents or files on a regular basis onto departmental servers or removable media such as DVDs or flash drives.
  • Log off of lab computers.
  • Always scan files retrieved from a CD, DVD or other external source.
  • Always scan all files you download from the Internet.
  • Always install critical Windows updates.
  • Change passwords frequently and choose complex passwords.

III. Scope

This procedure applies to all faculty, staff, and administrators.

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4/6/2004 5/3/2016    
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