6.02.04 Electronic Identity Authentication Implementation Procedure

I. Purpose

The purpose of this procedure is to bring all BUnetIDs into compliance of the requirements for Electronic Identity Authentication.

Policy Supported

Electronic Identity Authentication Policy 6.02

II. Description

The objective is to have all Bradley University computer and network users follow the Account Validation Procedure in Spring 2007.

In January 2007 we will send Account Validation letters to all Bradley computer and network users’ current listed permanent address. Along with this letter we will document the reasons for the new requirement.

All computer and network users who do not comply will lose access to computer accounts March 1, 2007.

All students will have a registration hold placed on their accounts and will not be able to register for classes for Summer or Fall 2007. Completing the Account Validation procedure will remove this hold.

In February, 2007 email messages will be sent to all non-compliant users. The last two weeks of February, the messages will be sent daily.

III. Scope

All Bradley University computer and network users.

Blackboard uses a proprietary identity management system and is not a part of this procedure.

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