6.03.01 Account Creation

I. Purpose

This procedure documents the steps to create accounts.

Policy Supported

6.03 Account and Access Creation

II. Description

Communication concerning creation of accounts should be made the email address logins.bradley.edu.

Account Creation

Accounts are generated using the following formula:

Where F = first initial, M = middle initial, LLLL = last name, and N is a number with no leading zeros, it tries the following, in this order, until it finds a name that’s not already in use.



FMLLLLN (N starting at 2 and incrementing by 1 until the name is unique)

The whole login name is truncated to 16 characters, removing characters from the end of the last name if necessary to allow the number on the end to fit within the 16.

Creation of Student Accounts

New accounts will be created when term records are created for new students. Currently this happens under the following conditions:

  • Undergraduates who paid an admissions deposit
  • Graduates who have been admitted

This begins March 1st for Summer and Fall entrants and September 1st for Spring entrants. Account activation letters are mailed to domestic students’ address. Foreign students are given their letters upon arrival.

Creation of Full Time Faculty and Staff accounts

Accounts for new full time faculty and staff are created when they are entered into the human resources (HR) system with appropriate employment attributes. Often this occurs after there is a need for access. Temporary accounts will be created with written (email) authorization from department director, chair, or support staff. A social security number is required to allow us to match the HR record. If an HR record is not present within and coded to indicate that the individual is working here action will be taken to determine if the faculty member has really started at the dates below:

  • Fall non-Music faculty October 1
  • Spring non-Music faculty February 1
  • Music faculty determination is three weeks after the dates above.
  • Classified staff 2 weeks after projected start date.
  • Professional staff three weeks after projected start date.

Staff in Business Affairs are not provided with email account unless requested.

Creation of Part Time Faculty accounts

The Provost’s office maintains a list of part time faculty for each term. Periodically we will compare the list with our known part time faculty. If an unknown faculty member is on the list, we will create the accounts.

Creation of accounts for contractors, non-Bradley people, guests and other needs

Department directors, chairs, and support staff may request an account for a specific need for a specific individual or group. In the request, the time period and specific requirements must be described. The maximum time period will be 1 year after which the request must be renewed.

Creation of Accounts for Alumni

III. Scope

This procedure applies to Bradley University systems.

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